Album Review: Dott – Swoon

London – The west coast of Ireland isn’t necessarily synonymous with happy-go-lucky garage pop.  Indeed, at this time of year, the Emerald Isle can be somewhat weather beaten.  However, despite the meteorological challenges, Galway’s Dott have already garnered a reputation for being pretty damned uplifting.  After forming just last year, the band has already performed on some of the biggest shows in their home nation, including the Late Late Show as well as across the pond at The Cake Shop in New York. Their debut album Swoon has just been released through Graveface Records and a miserable morning in London seemed like the perfect place to give it a listen.

After releasing their Buttons EP earlier in the year, the band had already built some solid foundations; “Let’s Do It” from the EP is a great track.  It’s no surprise then, that Swoon continues in the same vein.  Opening track “Small Pony” is immediately likeable with Anna, Miriam and Laura’s vocals working well together and the not overly complicated nature of their guitar work allowing Tony’s drums to flourish – like an inverse White Stripes.

“Day That I Found You” is crying out for some hand-claps which I’m certain will be present when they head back to the States in early 2014 on tour and this is followed by one of the albums more autobiographical tracks as the girls tell the story of an ex-lover on the lush “Rain Day”. 

The album isn’t entirely new with “Cherry Blossom” and personal favourite “Leave Tonight” borrowed from the Buttons EP. However, with the band forming in 2012, it’s to be expected and both tracks work nicely on Swoon.

There’s strength throughout with “Love You Too” and “Last Summer” in particular standing out and as you get through the album, it’s easy to get lost in a daydream of opening a beach bar or cupcake shop or some other indie-cliché.  One thing’s for sure though, I’ve certainly forgotten about what’s going on outside the window*.  It’s refreshing to hear something so summery and happy at this time of year – it certainly is a welcome change from the crap Christmas compilations which are in abundance at the moment.

With all the songs on Swoon being less than four minutes, there was never going to be Zeppelin-esq extended solos taking up unnecessary space on the album.  The simplistic nature of the music works fantastically well.  It’s happy music, or as the band put it “shiny, harmony driven, garage pop”.  It doesn’t need over-analysing.  It’s just good fun to listen to and I intend on carrying on listening till things brighten up a bit outside.

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Slider Photo Be Sinead Axworthy