Kid Wave ’s ‘Wonderlust’ Relies On No Previous Path Before It

Kid Wave

Los Angeles – London-based quartet, Kid Wave, is destined for big things. The group’s melodic dream-pop flair is both majestic and captivating. This is showcased on their debut LP, Wonderlust (via Heavenly Recordings). Best New Bands recently called Wonderlust “the soundtrack to many a young romantic fumbling or infatuation, wild party or sunrise revelation,” when featuring their latest shared track. Lea Emmery (vocalist), Harry Deacon (bassist), Mattias Bhatt (guitarist), and Serra Petale (drummer) have released several singles leading up to Wonderlust, but now with an 11-track record ready for the world to hear the band has evolved their blissful sense of style into new apexes. Most of the tracks occupy an ethereal ambiance. Jangly guitars, striking rhythmic drums, and sweet harmonies inhabit the scene on Kid Wave’s first full-length outing as well. The record has a supreme balance of dreamlike tracks and fast paced tunes giving the listener a full auditory experience. Emmery’s grungy vocals come in as a huge enticement since many bands in the genre possess high-pitched, saccharine vocals. With each supplied statement, it is as if she’s yearning for something just out of reach. Nonetheless, it provides great emotional weight for the tracks that make up Wonderlust. While some tracks have more emotive effect than others, Kid Wave easily delivers a grand coming-of-age endeavor certainly positioning itself to connect with today’s youth culture.

Wonderlust begins with the title track and what a way to get things rolling. A fuzzy, infectious jam packed with glittering guitars recalling ‘90s rock. Emmery’s vocals are deeper than other female singers, which comes across as edgier and a bit tattered. “Gloom” is similar in nature to the opening track. It balances the lines of beachy rock and grunge rock. While the title may be called “Gloom,” the ambiance of the track is relatively upbeat. The sunny vibes and wistful lyrics pair well with each other. “Honey” is a standout track from the foursome. With mid-tempo melodies, saccharine harmonies, and ‘90s hooks, “Honey” is full on nostalgic. The guitars here are glorious and striking showcasing Kid Wave’s tight dream-pop structure that feels irrefutably crisp and inventive. “Best Friend” brings the listener even closer with pensive lyrics and a certain kind of longing found in Emmery’s vocal delivery. Once again, the arrangements are overpowering with a reverberating bass and multifaceted guitar riffs. Kid Wave’s incandescent sound is downright appealing, as each distinctive element of every track feels just as important as the next. The band slows things down for “Walk On Fire” which is absolutely moving from beginning to end. This five-minute knockout is definitely their finest effort artistically since it masterfully blends so many components into one cohesive piece of music.

“All I Want” is brimming with bright vibrations with Emmery’s vocals feeling a bit lighter here than the other tracks. With dynamic guitars, strong hooks, and joyfully spirited, “All I Want” is yet another strong addition off of Wonderlust. “Sway” is reminiscent of ‘60s surf pop with the structure of the song being aptly described in the title alone. Emmery is aching again within her lyrics, but the way she conveys them demonstrates more strength than weakness. The second to last track, “I’m Trying To Break Your Heart,” is a rousing exertion. It fits effortlessly well with the rest of the album that is cohesive and immaculately arranged from start to finish. Speaking of the finish, “Dreaming On” concludes the record in bittersweet fashion. The ballad starts off acoustically, but eventually spreads its wings with dreamy guitars to lead the way. This tender song exhibits an even softer side to Kid Wave as it not only asks the listener to reflect on his or her own ways, but also reflect on the entirety this album and what it all means. While “Dreaming On” may be the young band’s simplest tune, it is by far the most expressively effective. Wonderlust is restorative as it explores vivid atmospheres, meditative undertones, and melancholy lyrics. Luckily, the band’s exploration is immensely fulfilling for the listener as Kid Wave discovers that the great path is really no path at all.

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Sean Kayden

Sean Kayden

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Sean Kayden