A Sweaty Heavy Jam with JEFF the Brotherhood at Death by Audio


JEFF the Brotherhood packed the sweaty punkers into Death by Audio to full capacity last night, where hell broke loose in the most reverb- and beer-soaked way. Right when the band played the first note, there was a clear and crisp pop of a beer can being opened in the crowd, and the tone was set. The band duo blew out the venue, with the help of a wall of cabinets lining the back of the stage, blasting their dredgey psych garage rock through the skulls of every kid in the room. Fists were in the air, hair was flying, and bodies were slamming. (Above:: Jake Orrall of JEFF the Brotherhood)


Brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall have been playing music together practically their whole lives, and it shows. They have the sound to fill a giant venue, yet a place like Death by Audio is perfect to keep it raw, dirty, and intimate. Jake could stage dive and crowd surf while still shredding, and it was hard not to feel like everything was merging together, to the point where the kick drum became heartbeats and every sound wave shook bodies to the bone. The second to last song they played was the mind bending “Whatever I Want,” that is a prime example of this. Of course the sound is blown out, but imagine this times ten, coupled with being soaking sweaty wet, and that’s how the show was.


Isabel Almeida of Hunters

I also have to give a shout out to Hunters, who I was previously unaware of, but damn they hit it hard too. Singer Isabel Almeida has a stage presence like Karen O. and the scream to go with it. Her and singer/guitarist Derek Watson played off each other and to each other, while taking turns back bending and writhing on the stage floor, keeping it rowdy like a rock show should be.



JEFF the Brotherhood and Hunters have been on tour together for almost a month now, and they’re about to wrap it up with a sold out show with The Kills at Terminal 5 this Saturday. Keep up with the Brotherhood on Facebook, and get more of a glimpse into the life of Hunters with their blog.

Photos (c) Kelly Knapp