The Jacob Martin Band Blazes a Trail at Nashville’s 12th and Porter

The Jacob Martin Band is electrifying. Possessing mainstream country-pop appeal blended smoothly together with a rock and blues-infected charm, the group — comprised of Jacob Martin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Josh Carlson (drums/background vocals), Jeff Coggins (lead guitar) and Mike Guy (bass/background vocals) — took the stage this week at 12th and Porter in Nashville to perform a short 45-minute set. After witnessing a charged, dynamic set, you would never have guessed that their start began from a simple Craigslist ad a few years back.

Without any sort of introduction, the band promptly launched into their booming and rather blistering showcase, performing their debut single “Wraparound Porch” (released this past January), as well as cuts like “Don’t You” and “Bad Girl” from their current EP. Incorporating traditional instruments such as the banjo and mandolin, the group wrapped luscious guitar licks tightly around the perfectly delivered tenor twang of lead vocalist Martin. It’s clear they’ve spent years fine tuning their craft, putting together a charged live performance show that neither slows down (to give some breathing room to the gathering crowd) or apologizes for the sometimes brash presentation.

From start to finish, the thumping drums rang throughout the packed house, sending relentless energy, good vibes and head-bobbing beats to the throngs of concertgoers. Piercing the dense blue and green lighting (which at times masked the band members’ faces), their songs brimmed to the surface like a kettle of boiling water. Throughout their performance, they explored varied influences, from the cool Southern tick to a more Texas red dirt vibe. Even without knowing the words, the crowd murmured along, chiming in when a verse or particular lyric spoke to them. The band’s impact and infectious personalities permeated the venue, sharpening the senses and leaving the concert goers clinging to every syllable.

To close out their too-short-show, Martin soared into a crowd pleasing cover of U2’s “With or Without You” that had the most casual of fans belting at full voice, which would have made Bono proud. Martin’s smooth vocals peaked on this proper closer, highlighting is talent as a real singer’s singer. He crescendoed tenderly from the melodramatic first verse to the sweet glory notes towards the middle, finishing off with an appetizing falsetto.


If you haven’t seen these musicians in concert, they should certainly be on your list of bands to watch.


Keep up-to-date on all their happenings and upcoming summer show on their official website.