White Fence Was Out Of Control At The Echo In Los Angeles

White Fence live in Los Angeles

Los Angeles — White Fence’s distinctly warped sound was just what was needed to get a crowd of hipsters’ heads bobbing. Tim Presley and his crew were like something out of the mod era, but rolled around in the dirt. They walked onto the stage with disheveled mop tops and managed to envelop the crowd with unhinged brilliance. It was their wrinkled appearance and primal, imperfect and spontaneous performance that made for pure rock n’ roll tastiness.

What emanated from every instrument of the foursome was crooked bliss, but this is Presley‘s band and he was the star on Thursday night. Presley has never hidden his lust for danger. In fact, he admitted before tearing up a rendition of “Sandra” that the song was inspired by a woman he fell in love with who happened to be in a drug cartel. Beyond his raw persona, what comes from his guitar during his many solos was an otherworldly noise. The question of how an instrument makes such vibrant sounds with so much speed in his fingers remains unanswered.

Presley also has a profound way with lyrics and while muffled on stage, each line that could be unriddled was a pleasure. During “It’s Confusing When You Wake Up” he sang, “I could’ve lived 3 times today”, but Presley’s poetry was layered with a crust and fuzz that satisfied anyone who wanted to go mental. His performance is most suitable for the rowdiest folk thanks to a tint of irresistible rebellion in every arrangement.

Based on the fact that Presley has compulsively written six albums in just four years, one would imagine an evolution of sorts on the just-released For the Recently Found Innocent, but no matter which song he plays off of his six records, all the jams tend to blur like a drugged-up sensation. Though instead of the euphoria of the instant high, Tim’s music feels more like what happens when an addict is about come down; there is a buzz left, but everything is messy, havoc has already wreaked, and the pressure to clean it all up has begun.  That is what Presley’s songs are all about: experimentation, destruction, and the hope for a second chance. Still, whether he crooned about an aborted romance or a bad trip that night, his lo-fi performance laced with rebellion had a forgiving charm.

One could assume Presley wouldn’t be so interested in impressing since he happens to record on a four-track, but there was a broken self-awareness when he was in front of people. Even though he has no shame in holding up a paper scratched with lyrics to a new song, he was constantly finger brushing his hair to make sure it remains perfectly coifed as he grabbed his mic. His recorded tracks have a fringe and a sensitivity, but both are turned up and intertwine when Presley is three-dimensional.

Such a collision of vulnerability and recklessness is what makes this project so magnetic. A little bit rock, a touch neo-punk, a tad of psychedelic, and a whole lot of attitude, makes White Fence a spectacle that must be seen.

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Ariela Kozin

Ariela Kozin

Ariela was born and raised on Los Angeles' creative hunger and booming sounds. She grew up humming the Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan records her mother played on repeat until a driver's license gave her the freedom to obsessively explore the live music scene. It only seemed natural that when Ariela went to journalism school, she paired her love of writing with her passion for discovering amazing new music.
Ariela Kozin