A few Qs and As with Kaz & Dan of Gamble & Burke


Due to intervening forces, we weren’t able to get this Q&A with Gamble & Burke into Lauren Novik’s pre-CMJ showcase of the band, but we’re giving it to you today! Get to know these Massachusetts lads, and enjoy the music video at the bottom of the post.

Lauren Novik: What are your main musical influences as a band?

Gamble & Burke: Kool & the Gang. Hall & Oates, Daft Punk.

LN: How did the band form?

KAZ GAMBLE: Dan went to Berklee music in Boston but since rent is stupid expensive there he wound up in Worcester so I totally lucked out and hired him to play piano and sing on a score that I was composing for an indie comedy called BOYBAND; Breaking through in ’82. He was awesome. He could sing like Billy Joel, Prince or the background singers for Def Leppard. Whatever I needed!

DAN BURKE: Eventually we started working on songs that sounded more contemporary and that’s how Gamble & Burke started.

LN: CMJ is right around the corner. Any pre-show vices or rituals?

DAN: We’re both seriously addicted to MP3s.

KAZ: Obviously we prefer vinyl & cassettes but Apple doesn’t make a walkman or record player so we’re constantly downloading fresh jams from blogs to our ipods.

DAN: Right now we’re checking out bands we never heard of but are playing CMJ.

LN: Who are you excited to see at CMJ (aside from yourselves, of course!)?

DAN: Das Racist, GZA, Holy Ghost, Two Door Cinema Club,

KAZ: Grum, French Horn Rebellion, O’Spada, Emilie Simon.

LN: What’s up next in 2011?  Touring, recording?

KAZ: Dan is going to India in December so when he gets back we’re going to tour tour tour and keep making & uploading new tunes whenever we can.

DAN: We  also have a ton of tshirt designs that we need to silkscreen and start selling.

LN: Biggest musical accomplishment as a group this year so far?

DAN: Our debut EP Let’s Go Together came out on the French record label Kitsuné Music and DJ Tiesto started playing the Hot Pink Delorean remix.

KAZ: That guy is like Jesus & John Lennon put together in the Trance world.  So it’s a big room thrill!

LN: Favorite guilty pleasure song you love to rock out to?

DAN: We love top 40 radio music and don’t feel guilty one bit about it.  So for us our favorite “guilty pleasures” are bands like Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective, & Xx.

KAZ: I’m actually a bit ashamed of listening to anything pretentious sounding. My girlfriend thought that I was looking at porn when she caught me quickly closing my browser but i was actually on pitchfork.com- but I told her it was porn.