Q&A: Matthew Melton of Bare Wires


Currently out on its first large scale tour of the U.S., and having been spotlighted on NPR, Bare Wires have been very busy lately. With a sound that is pop friendly, yet combines elements of late ’60s rock, the group has a winning formula that has dazzled audiences and won them new fans on a nightly basis. Bestnewbands.com caught up with Matthew Melton to chat about life on the road, the band’s upcoming SXSW performance and what is favorite thing about the Austin music festival.

Daniel Kohn: How’s the tour been thus far?

Matthew Melton: We are having a blast, eating lots of food and getting into lots of fights!


DK: What’s it like going out on your first extensive tour of the US? Has it been everything you’ve expected or has it been rough?

MM: Touring is easy.  You just get to cruise around to different places and life never gets boring because although you play every night theres no feeling of routine to it.  I think thats what makes people dull and bored of life –  Routine.

DK: What’s been the best show thus far?

MM: Our show in San Diego at Soda Bar with Jungle Fever !


DK: Are you excited to be playing SXSW? What shows are you playing there?

MM: Yes SXSW is going to be cool.  We are playing lots of cool shows including the Burger City party at Spider house.


DK: What’s the best part of SXSW: the food, the parties or the shows?

MM: Eating lots of pizza.


DK: What’s up with the new LP, when can we expect it to be released?

MM: We finished our new LP just before hitting the road, it is on hold and we aren’t releasing any information about it at this time.


DK: Have you been showcasing any new songs on the road?

MM: We have been playing about four or five new songs a night so far and I think those are the favorites.  I like the direction we are going in.- Glitter fuzz leather jacket glam punk.


With a new LP, a featured spot at SXSW and a rapidly growing fanbase, Bare Wires are a band on the rise and one to watch for in the coming months.