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Fools Gold

Los Angeles – LA quintet Fool’s Gold at last return with a powerful mix of eclectic afro-pop tunes for their long-awaited third LP, Flying Lessons. Nearly four years have passed since the band’s previous record, Leave No Trace, debuted to praiseworthy reviews. With this most recent release, Fool’s Gold extends their early resonance to craft a more intimate record that displays genuine maturity. It will satisfy those anxious fans that have been anticipating the band’s newest release and attract a new, deeper following as the album strikes many new exciting sounds not found anywhere else.

Flying Lessons is a collection of tunes sprawling the echoes of world music, tropical noises, and 80s dance beats. While the LA collective are traveling along a recognizable road for themselves, Luke Top (vocalist/bassist), Lewis Pesacov (guitarist), Garrett Ray (drummer), and Salvador Placencia (percussionist) have shown tremendous growth both musically and lyrically that’s allowing them to steer beyond their previous destination. This fresh development will certainly enthuse devoted fans, but it should come as no surprise with the many perceptible talents the band has always presented. The nine tracks of Flying Lessons set up an exotic, summery locale for those eyeing a much-needed escape from their own daily drudgery.

Opening track, “I’m In Love,” serves as the official single from Flying Lessons. Tropical beats and chants start off the track before singer Luke Top begins to distribute his crooning vocals. Whimsical arrangements span multiple instruments and “I’m In Love” sets the right mood. “Lady Of The Lake,” the only song under four minutes, traces the same footsteps as the introductory tune. With a carefree vibe and sprightly melodies, “Break The Cycle” features “whoa whoa whoa ohhhs” sung strikingly behind the band’s jazzy, crisp arrangements. “Another Song” is not just another song as it features sunny guitar riffs that hint at something that was off of Kings of Leon’s last contribution. Luke Top’s animated vocals bring a particularly noticeable potency with this piece of music. The first half of the record is full of awe-inspiring beats, tantalizing vocals, and a distinctive airiness surrounding it. When substance is discovered within the band’s lyrics, Fool’s Gold bring a certain grace to each track.

“Wildflower” slows things down, as it resembles a Beach Boys era 60s pop tune, with the mellow harmony evoking ocean tides, a bonfire, and the idea that summer is more than just a season. “Don’t Be Like Them” floats effortlessly and lets one comprehend the idea that this album is the idyllic soundtrack for a summer road trip. The title track, “Flying Lessons,” would be the suitable choice for reflecting upon all that’s being left behind when embarking on a new adventure. It’s a delightfully solid song that creates an undeniably cheerful feeling. The finale is brought to us in the form of “Ta’alumah,” sung entirely in Hebrew. With rhythmic guitars, an intricately produced structure, and a jocund demeanor behind it, “Ta’alumah” feels simply good for mind, body, and soul.

Flying Lessons deposits new life into Fool’s Gold. Not that the band ever needed to be reinvented, but this latest labor of love is amazingly sharp, joyfully effective, and unquestionably the feel-good record of the year.

A special edition of Flying Lessons will be available on orange vinyl on April 18 (Record Store Day) via ORG Music. The album will see its wide release for digital and CD formats on May 19. It also features a remix of “I’m In Love” by Poolside.

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Sean Kayden

Sean Kayden

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Sean Kayden

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