MisterWives ’ Triumphant First Album Proves The Stardom Is Deserved


New York – MisterWives, an insatiably effervescent indie pop act out of New York, has rocketed to the limelight at full tilt since their debut EP one year ago. Now, the whirlwind continues with the release of the band’s first full-length endeavor, Our Own House, just out via Republic Records.

The album is positively elastic, stretching from jazz to folk and closing the circuit with hard-hitting new rock flair. But above all, the record is sturdily backboned by a melding of sentimentality and disco-dance delirium. The fusion of complexly candied emotion and dance floor construct is quite likely this work’s greatest paradox, and lends itself to a most improbable triumph.

The band began with a core of three – vocalist William Hehir, singer/songwriter Mandy Lee and percussionist Etienne Bowler – when the trio serendipitously met at an ’80s-themed dance party in Astoria, Queens. After cementing their best laid plans to begin a band, the threesome moved into an apartment together and recruited dirty drummer Marc Campbell and keyboardist/trumpeter/accordionist Jesse Blum.

The five-strong outfit benefits immensely from the amicable accord betwixt them, which bubbles to the surface often enough throughout their first LP (spoiler alert: Bowler and Lee are a couple).

The album opens on the title track, which builds with beast-like force to an irreversibly energetic highline. This is a track to rival the power of a Florence and The Machine-type anthem. With its quick pace, quirky vitality and undulating melodic infrastructure, it vanquishes indecision like fire on ice.

Next up is “Not Your Way,” a sassy cut that melds together the best of this act’s drumming with revealing lyricism. “No Need For Dreaming,” another percussion-laden track, betrays this band’s prepensely to capture the emotive and the melodic all at once.

But “Hurricane,” one of this outfit’s singles, highlights the best of what lives in the underbelly of this album. This is pop at it’s most unapologetic and most majestic; the dynamism of which will result in converts. Bottom line, this cut – and the album in full – is the perfect paradigm.

Fantastically, this album was written by-and-large in a tree house built by Bowler at his former residence in Riverdale. The full band currently lives just across the street from said tree house, which the band mates have lovingly dubbed “Narnia.”

Allegedly, Bowler locked Lee in those wooden walls for a nondescript amount of time, and it’s there that she penned the musical spine to what would eventually materialize into Our Own House, with her bandmates’ expert aid. In truth, it’s a beautiful fantasy to imagine that Lee discovered her creative space and spark in an innocence-laden hideout such as that. All told, according to the band, Narnia afforded enough of a spark to help Lee pen the skeleton to Our Own House in a mere handful of days.

In their brief yet myriad tenure, MisterWives has toured in support of Bleachers, and appeared on both Late Night With Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Despite their irrefutably rapid launch to the public eye, the band maintains an unlikely calm about their stardom. “We’re so stoked,” Lee told the Wall Street Journal. “We’re used to being openers and winning over an audience, and now we’ve sold-out a whole show that’s deliberately coming to see us.”

At the end of the month, the band will embark on their first headlining tour. And that undertaking is already brimming with sold-out shows. The two month-long journey will shoot the outfit as far west as Los Angeles before boomerang-ing them back on April 7 for a repatriation performance at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

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Liz Rowley

Liz Rowley

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