Satellite Stories Bring Their Signature Enthusiasm To ‘Vagabonds’

Satellite Stories

Los Angeles – Finnish indie-pop foursome Satellite Stories is set to release their third album, Vagabonds, on March 6 via XYZ Berlin. Under the supervision of U.K. producer Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, The Temper Trap), the buoyant enthusiasts continue to explore the realm of sweet, infectious pop. While compared to Two Door Cinema Club and Tokyo Police Club (both bands finding success stateside), Satellite Stories have dominated many parts of Europe since their first album.

The band is comprised of Esa Mankinen (vocals/guitar), Marko Heikkinen (lead guitar), Jyri Pesonen (Bass/vocals) and Olli-Pekka Ervasti (drums). Since the release of their 2012 debut record, Phrases To Break The Ice, the quartet have been know to craft potent indie-pop jams. Now with the release of Vagabonds, they’re no longer rookies. This 11-track collection is bristled with exultant energy and light cadence. The positive disposition the album bears is welcoming as the spring season rapidly approaches.

The album begins with the title-track. With flowing melodies, Mankinen’s lilt vocals and a compellingly catchy resonance, it’s no surprise why Satellite Stories are so cherished in the U.K. However, Satellite Stories know how to infuse warm moments among all the pop noise. “Heartbeat” is the second single and it is downright invigorating. The shimmering melodies alongside the sorrow found in the lyrics are a great coupling. With the subsequent track, “Polarized,” Satellite Stories get a bit bouncy with a song that resembles that of Two Door Cinema Club. “Heroine” proves to be another vibrant tune that touches upon a very light reggae sound. It comes down to the way Mankinen hits the chorus that gives it that certain aforementioned vibe. The songs on Vagabonds will charm listeners and undoubtedly improve their current mood. A certain kind of simplicity embedded in their songs is quite refreshing. Satellite Stories aptitude in producing lighthearted material that exudes such lively continuous moments is quite inspiring.

“The Trap” was the first song the band released when announcing Vagabonds. It’s an entrancing, alluring, piece of music. It would be considerably difficult not to feel motivated and enlightened by the pure blissfulness one would be hearing. Oddly enough, the final track, “With You,” throws us for a complete loop. It’s a tender, piano driven tune that calms us down, but presents an unpredictable side of Satellite Stories that should be well received. What’s even more surprising is how “With You” may very well be the band’s strongest track despite ten previous tunes that are bursting with an unconceivable amount of exhilaration. However, one thing is definitely for sure, Vagabonds is a catchy, fun, admirable record from a band that continues along on a familiar road, but know that this is the only road worth traveling on.

Satellite Stories Album Cover

Check out Satellite Stories’ Facebook for more information on their international tour, starting at the end of this month, in support of Vagabonds. 
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Sean Kayden

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