Turnover Takes an Enormous Leap Forward With ‘Peripheral Vision’


Los Angeles – Virginia Beach indie-rock act Turnover specializes in emotionally driven rock tunes. Formed in 2009, the quartet initially released their first proper self-titled EP in 2011. Turnover, consisting of Austin Getz (vocals, guitar), Casey Getz (drums), Eric Soucy (guitar), and Danny Dempsey (bass), have always worn their influences on their sleeves, but remain faithful in shaping their own creative style. Working again with producer Will Yip (Circa Survive, Whirr, Title Fight), who guided the band on their first LP (Magnolia for Run For Cover Records), Turnover have shifted gears while slowing down their pop-punk focused tempo. The 90s emo/alternative approach is ever so apparent on the band’s sophomore LP, Peripheral Vision. 

A deep sense of maturity has developed that’s evident with the follow-up to their debut record. While Peripheral Vision strays from the band’s established formula, this updated sound shows tremendous development on both a personal and artistic level. Additionally, the latest record is faultlessly balanced and extremely consistent tonally from start to finish. Turnover’s calmer demeanor in both structure and songwriting is an enormous leap forward, which should secure them more universal appeal than ever before.

First cut off the Peripheral Vision is “Cutting My Fingers Off.” It opens with solid songwriting and is sonically alluring. While the lyrics from Austin Getz go for a somber approach, musically the song is upheld by swelling instruments. The melancholy feel brings up deep nostalgia in this wistful and gorgeous guitar jam. “New Scream” plays in the same sonic field as the opener. Textured guitar riffs, sincere vocals, and the pensiveness combine together for something truly special. “Humming” carries a more optimistic sound than the previous entrants. A crisp melody echoing The Smiths, “Humming” is a hazy but nimble piece of work. The lyrically hopeful track is indeed a highpoint among all the somberness the record spends most of its time exploring.

“Hello Euphoria” is aptly titled since the arrangements display much jubilation and expose Turnover’s incredible composing capabilities. “Diazepam” is a dreamy exposition with soothing vocals, tender guitars, and subtle drums. The artful work Turnover has established here is superb on many facets. Peripheral Vision boasts earnest lyrics, layered guitars, and a dreamlike tone throughout its course.

“Take My Head” is a little chirpier than most tracks here. The swift instrumental configuration and confident singing packs a mighty punch. It’s another surprising gem as Getz sings with immense determination. “Take My Head” is not only a great addition to the album, but is one of the most memorable straightforward rock jams this year has had to offer. “I Would Hate You If I Could” is a dreamy endeavor bursting with much poise. It’s a relevant track for the generation Turnover is singing to. The reflective tune shows another side of Turnover, the one where the boys are revealing a deep sense of maturity. Closing track, “Intrapersonal” further showcases Turnover’s delightful, reverb-soaked sound.

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Peripheral Vision is a monumental success on several levels solidifying Turnover as way more important than just another outfit exploring the emo style of the past. Their expressive approach indicates remarkable soul and heart allowing them to find their true sound on just their second full-length record.

Check out Turnover’s Facebook for more information on their upcoming tour this May.
Sean Kayden

Sean Kayden

His father has always been an avid fan of 70s and 80s artists. He introduced Sean at an early age to the likes of many rock groups of that era. In the late 90s, Sean acquired a fondness for the likes of such alternative bands as Smashing Pumpkins, Goo Goo Dolls, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In high school, he gravitated towards artists like Brand New, Saves The Day, and Fall Out Boy. As Sean entered California State University Fullerton, where he earned his BA in Radio/TV/Film, his music taste expanded to the realm of Broken Social Scene, The National, and Death Cab For Cutie. For as long as Sean can remember, he has always had the desire of launching his own stories that would someday be presented through television, film, and print. This form of expression continuously uplifts his spirit. Sean is a certified TRX fitness trainer and teaches group classes as well.
Sean Kayden