Live Review: MusicFest Northwest – Day 1

Phantogram live

Portland – Portland’s biggest music festival just got a lot weirder (and that’s a good thing). The first day of MusicFest Northwest was jam-packed with excellent indie and alternative acts, many of whom departed today with throngs of hip new fans who’ll spread the word like their reputation depends on it (oh the culture-starved generation

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Hundred Waters Live At Mississippi Studios

Hundred Waters Live

Portland - “Show me love. Show me love.” These words seemed suspended in air, plaintive and fragile like snowflakes, before wafting gently into the ears of the audience. The room was almost dead silent when Hundred Waters began their performance Sunday night at Portland’s Mississippi Studios. Each line from the band’s first song, “Show Me Love,”

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Tiny Ruins at Mississippi Studios

Tiny Ruins

Portland – Hollie Fullbrook’s calm, pensive singing might lead one to believe that she’s already been defeated by the world.  Maybe it’s because of that distant gaze, or her modest attire. Maybe it’s the way she gently sways on stage, or the way she glances down occasionally to reflect in the warm lamplight. She’s got

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