Frankie Releases “Blink” Music Video

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Los Angeles - Today, much buzzed about pop singer-songwriter, Frankie, released the music video for her latest single, “Blink.”  Last year, the California singer released her debut EP, Dreamstate and hit up the U.S. festival circuit.

Frankie says about the music video, “I came up with the ‘Blink’ video concept in my sleep. I dreamt that I went on a long journey in the middle of nowhere walking toward something I couldn’t yet see. Finally, I reached a tree which I interpreted as ‘The Tree Of Life.’ The tree was decorated with past people’s belongings who had once visited to find their own answers. In the dream, I touched the tree and saw my life flash before my eyes – everything from when I was a baby to my life now. Seeing all of these images quickly flicker before me, made me realize it matched perfectly with my song. ‘Blink’ is about how, in the grand scheme of things, everything happens in a flash, so we must appreciate every moment while we can. After my dream, I knew that the video had to incorporate this idea, and luckily it turned out exactly how I pictured it.”

Hailing from Oakland, California, Frankie burst onto the scene last year with her track “Problems Problems,” which Idolator called a “head-bopping track” with a “catchy hook.”  Dreamstate was released via RCA Records and features “Problems Problems” and Frankie’s second single, “New Obsession,” for which she also released a neon saturated music video.

Billboard included “New Obsession” in its list of “20 Pop Songs You Need For Your Summer Playlist,” calling it a “slick, wildly engaging highlight.” The track was also included in Taylor Swift’s “New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome” playlist.  Frankie released her latest single “Blink” this past October, and it was recently included in “The ELLE 25,” in the September issue of ELLE Magazine, as well as in Nylon’s “15 New Singer-Songwriters That Will Steal Your Heart.” She also performed at this year’s Lollapalooza, recently toured with Troye Sivan, and is expected to release her first full-length album later this year.

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