Featured Artist: Joe Marson

New York – Joe Marson is a Brooklyn transplant whose music resonates in the realm of alternative folk-rock, with a defiant bluesy edge. Together with his band, The Satisfied Mind, Marson delivers full-bodied, soulful ballads charged with slow thumping percussion, powerfully swelling harmonies and fervent, evocative lyricism.

Marson’s work is seemingly crafted specifically for fans of Cat Stevens, Ben Harper, Jeff Buckley and Ray Lamontagne. A lifelong lover of 90’s grudge, Marson expertly emulates what lurks at the heart of the genre that grabbed us by the throats in adolescence. Melded together with guitar rifts that evoke Hendrix’s essence, Marson creates timeless music that bridges the rift between the influential decades that inform his songwriting.

A wanderer, Marson spent a good six years traveling the nation prior to settling in NY’s best borough. That epoch gives marked spark to his songwriting. “I was soul searching and trying to find who I was, as a person as well as musically,” Marson told Best New Bands, “I wanted to dip my toes in different experiences and genres before writing about them.”

“The best musicians have real life experiences and real wisdom,” he continued, “I needed to come from that place in order to feel authentic to myself. I’ve seen the lowest of lows that I can image and some pretty high highs. I write from those experiences.”

Of his writing process, Marson added, “It’s sort of a mystery to me, still. Sometimes the lyrics come slow, sometimes it’s like squeezing blood from a rock.” Yet, as evidenced by the way this musician has lived, Marson’s work is built on intuition. His candidness lends discernible heart to his work, a trait most apparent in his live performances. His most recent video, for “Goddamit Julia,” displays this quality expertly. Wearing his heart on his sleeve like a badge of honor, Marson’s willingness to embrace exposure is a nod to accepting and sharing what makes us human.

Marson’s most recent record, Someday Soon, surfaced in 2012. For the recording, Marson and co. worked at East One Studios with renowned producer Jimi Zhivago (Norah Jones, Ollabelle). Marson is hustling to promote his last release, and played a show at Dartmouth College last week. On Saturday, Marson delivered a landmark performance in New York, scratching a longtime performance goal of his list. “Ever since I came to new york I wanted to play Rockwood Music Hall,” said Marson, “It was a really meaningful, big show for me.”

Fans of his work will be pleased to hear that Marson is scheduling a tour in July to support his forthcoming EP, “Electric Soul Magic.” Of the new record, Marson said, “I’ve never really felt like I’ve captured the energy and vibe of my live shows, until this record.”  Clearly, Marson is on track to capture all the wild soulfulness of his stage persona on his forthcoming. For a musician as dedicated to his craft as he, Marson can’t fail. “Electric Soul Magic” promises to be all it’s named for and more.

We found out about Joe on Reverbnation. For more of Joe’s music and tour dates, check out hisReverbnation page.





Liz Rowley

Liz Rowley

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