Moments with My Pet Saddle

In a little coffee shop on the cool side of Costa Mesa, CA, Caleb (vocals, guitar) of My Pet Saddle, his girlfriend and I sat together on a sunny Saturday afternoon. After they ordered their food, I had a little bit of time to squeeze in a few random questions before his tuna melt was ready.
Me: So how long have you and the band been together?
Caleb: Uhh that’s kind of a hard question because we started out as a three piece, it was just Jacob and Miguel and I. And that started when I was in high school. I was like 17 when we started, I’m 22 now. And we got Chris like 2 years later. So it really started when we got Chris. All the songs we have today were all written with Chris.

Me: What made you decide to add Chris?

Caleb: It just kinda sounded empty. And I kinda wanted solos in some of the songs. And I wasn’t a very good lead player and Chris was a guy we met through a mutual friend and I saw him play and he jammed with us while we were playing some of our songs and he really added the flavor that we needed.

Me: Do you think you’ll add anyone else?

Caleb: Not right now. We have a keyboard player named Alyson.

Me: So what made you want to start playing music?

Caleb: Well my dad always played music. And he’s always had musical instruments in the house. The only thing is that he’s left handed so I never got to play. And then when I was in fourth grade I had a teacher who played drums and he was like a profession musician on the side and he’d play on records and he had all kinds of different drums. He got me really interested in playing th drums. And then Christmas time came around and I told my dad I wanted a drumset. And then my dad didn’t have enough money to buy me a drum set so he’s like why don’t I just buy you this guitar? And I was like ok. So then I took the guitar. And yeah, that’s the history.

Me: If you had to choose one artist who’s out now to play with, who would it be and why?

Caleb: Probably the Walkmen. Idk, they’re a rad band and every album they put out like surprises me because its like a little bit different but its always got the Walkmen vibe and sound. And I’m really excited about the new album coming out and I’d like to play with them.

Me: What’s your favorite song of yours to play, like at shows and stuff?

Caleb: Maybe “Laughing at Me.” That one kind of has a lot of energy and it always gets the crowds going. And I feel comfortable playing it cuz its such a simple song and I don’t have to focus very much on the music I can just focus on the crowd.

Me: Is it you who writes the songs, or do you guys write together?

Caleb: We write the music together. Chris writes some of the songs and I usually write the lyrics. He’s more of the music kind of guy.

Me: Which up-and-coming artists would you say are your favorite?

Caleb: That’s kinda hard. Umm, I don’t know, does Matt Costa count? Like he’s been out for awhile but his new stuff is like brand new. Like he’s been playing with Mother Suns. They’re his backing band now. And they’re new stuff sounds completely different and really really cool.

Me: Do you and the rest of the guys have somewhat of the same taste in music?

Caleb: I think everyone listens to different things. Cuz we’re not with each other all the time…Miguel is always listening to all these up and coming bands. He knows everything about that. And then Chris is always listening to this folky stuff, like The Byrds and well like Neil Young and stuff like that . And I don’t even know where I am, I’m all over the place. So everyone pretty much listens to different things. And everyone will come in with an idea or something and we’ll have an influence that we took from the bands we’re listening to. And the other will listen and be like well I hear this, I’ve been listening to this, or it sounds like it should go like this.”

My Pet Saddle’s music is a refreshing blend of an underground, big beat sort of sound not like that of a run-of-the-mill local band.  The band has got a show coming up on September 13 at The Echo in Los Angeles, Ca. Its free, so come out and enjoy the interesting characters and good music that LA and My Pet Saddle has to offer! Click here to look around on My Pet Saddle’s Myspace for show listings and updates.

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