Brahms Takes The Stage At Scubas In Chicago


This past Thursday, Brahms took the stage at Schubas in Chicago. It was great to see the boys back on the same stage I discovered them on, almost a year ago. I have seen the band open shows several times since then and a couple times during this year’s South by Southwest. It was a great change to see them as a headliner and they did not disappoint.


The best part about seeing a band a like Brahms, after they have had some time to write new material, is that we are now able to get a fuller sense of where the music is going. I can’t help but make the obvious reference to the band sounding as if it has been influenced by the sounds of the 80s. While this might be a very broad statement, it resonates through all their songs. Originally, their songs leaned toward a more dance electronic feel. But pleasantly with the newer songs, there is now a deep sort of dark element woven through that lends a heaviness to them and grounds them  and prevents them from being shuffled through like many electronic dance bands .  Their sound had a lo-fi quality that was refined enough that it was apparent, intentional and planned perfectly.


Sadly, the band might not draw the crowd it deserves in Chicago yet, but hopefully other cities have caught on to them and give them the crowd they deserve.  They have a couple more dates announced on their website so if you happen to be lucky enough to be in the one of those cities, you might want to make a night of checking them out.

All photos (c) Daniela Montelongo