The Postelles Let Loose in Chicago


Monday night shows usually bring a special type of crowd and The Postelles recent Chicago show at The Bottom Lounge was had exactly that. I followed the sound of screaming youngsters at this all ages event towards the stage and grabbed a spot off to the side. Perfect for watching the openers, Ambassadors and The Arkells, as well as the eclectic.

Both opening bands fit perfectly with The Postelles sound, which I had become familiar with after catching their supporting performances for both The Wombats and The Kooks their last run. Ambassadors, a Brooklyn based band, had a more dance friendly beat and were a large draw for the younger crowd, while The Arkells were a bit more rock and a pleasant surprise that I will keep an eye out for in the future.

After removing myself slightly from this new group The Postelles came out strong playing “Running Red Lights” one the tracks off their newest upcoming album, And It Shook Me, which will be out April 23.

The set featured tracks from their first album, as well as a few new ones as well. Hearing the new songs showed much promise for this upcoming album. The newer songs blended in well with their sound. They mixed dancey pop rock, with just enough familiarity and nostalgia to make them sound familiar without feeling like it’s been done already. The highlight of the show for the woman behind me was when the band covered Fleetwood Mac and she danced and sang along with every word.

The only thing I was disappointed with was I wish they had played a longer set, but that’s the problem with faster paced catchy songs: the show goes by too quickly sometimes.  Overall, for first night of the tour, The Postelles did a great job. They were in great spirits and they said they had drank to calm their nerves certainly appeared to do the charm and isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For an easy and enjoyable night out I would recommend enjoying some tunes by The Postelles and I certainly look forward to getting my hands on their new album once its released.  

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