Daughn Gibson Live at Brooklyn’s Glasslands

The punk drummer, truck driver, deep-voiced experimental country crooner Daughn Gibson rolled through Brooklyn recently, playing an enigmatic set with a backing band at Glasslands. I saw him once before at Knitting Factory during CMJ last year, when he was just with his drum machines, samplers, and librarian-esque keyboard player. This time around he was touring with a live drummer and guitarist/pedal steel player, bringing back a little of his punk energy history, as well as convincing me that he should only wear shirts with cut-off sleeves, especially if they have classic country stars on them, like Garth Brooks.

Daughn Gibson greeted the room with a booming “Hey NYC! What’s up motherfuckers!” and proceeded to regal us with all the dark, seedy, and intriguing stories that comprise his new release, Me Moan. He was mostly gripping the mic something fierce and semi-straddling it like a hobby horse, but he still had his own synth and samplers to set the tone for a song before concentrating all his energy on growlin’ out the lyrics to some of the best jams – “You Don’t Fade” was a good one, “Sound of Law” was entrancingly intense, and “Kissing on the Blacktop,” was brought to life remarkably by the guitarist going to town on the pedal steel more wildly than I’d ever thought possible, while Gibson got buck with a tambourine and grinned from ear to ear. If anyone can make playing a tambourine look manly as hell, it’s this man from coal country, PA.

At the end of the set Gibson declared, “NYC…it’s been real, and it’s been fun. But it hasn’t been…real fun.” Which, is actually on point, because I don’t think anyone would necessarily describe Daughn’s music as “fun.” Dark, wild, and mysterious, yes. Whatever he really meant by that, it didn’t matter because the crowd demanded an encore. This started off with a tune he introduced as being “a bit of a snoozer,” which turned out to be “Tiffany Lou” from his first record, All Hell. Downtempo, yes. Snoozer, that’s impossible Daughn, no way. After the show I shook his hand and told him, “Daughn, you are a fucking man!”, because he is. True story, no regrets.

His current tour has just come to an end, but being a musician and former truck driver, he shouldn’t be off the road for long, Keep up with him on FB until the next chance to catch him in all his sleeveless, growling glory.

Live Photo And video By KellyKnapp