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Los Angeles - Let’s get something out of the way: Prinze George is one of the best new acts of 2016. Agreed? Good! Maryland synth-pop trio Prinze George made its LA debut at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. The three-piece was the opening act for up and coming New York duo Lewis Del Mar, at the sold out show, where Prinze George demonstrated its affinity for synths, narrative lyrics, and charming sounds. The band’s lofty debut record, Illiterate Synth Pop, features ten beautiful tracks, dowsed in soaring synths, uplifting energy, and dreamy dispositions. On stage, the songs came to life, with Naomi Almquist’s compassionate vocals complimenting Kenny Grimm’s wondrous guitar riffs and strong synthesizer skills, as well as Isabelle De Leon’s infectious drum rhythms. The attractive trio won over the audience.

The single “Freeze” kick-started the evening. Almquist’s causal, soulful vocals, De Leon’s thunderous drumbeats, and Grimm’s spotless production work created a celestial vibe. “Kisses,” was flawless, showcasing heavenly vocals, dope beats, and intricate electronics. This song and the magic of Prinze George definitely elevated concertgoers’ spirits. The deeply emotional track “Move It” felt extra special, featuring astral arrangements that sunk deep into your soul. “Upswing,” had a passionate driving force behind it, powered by a heart-pounding drumbeat over the stretch of contemplative lyrics and dazzling synths, that left listeners lost in reflection. When Almquist gently sung the line, “We’re on the upswing, flying high,” I imagined just how this band, that formed merely three years ago, is clearly on it’s own upswing. “Lights Burn Out” was the track I was most hoping Prinze George would perform, and sure enough, toward the end the set, the trio made my wish come true. “Lights Burn Out” is one of the most beautiful songs of 2016, and it left the audience in complete awe.

Prinze George played a total of ten songs, including a couple off the trio’s first EP and a cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U.” Despite Almquist stating she was under the weather, her voice was dynamic, merging in and out of the music in perfect accordance, throughout the course of the night. She seemed in great spirits, too. Almquist and Grimm danced closely and happily onstage, clearly elated to be playing a sold-out show in Los Angeles. Prinze George proved to be the real deal and a band we all should to continue to look out for, as we embark on the upcoming year. Expect great things from Prinze George in 2017!

Illiterate Synth Pop is available for purchase for digital download through iTunes. Prinze George is currently on tour supporting Lewis Del Mar. Head over to the Prinze George Facebook page for tour dates.

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Sean Kayden

Sean Kayden

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Sean Kayden

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