Sky Ferreira Energizes The Bay Area Crowd

Sky Ferreira live

San Francisco - Sky Ferreira celebrated the second night of her three-night residency at The Independent with a tremendously energetic concert.  The 22-year old Los Angeles native—along with her backing 4-piece band—played more than a dozen songs for a highly energetic crowd, drawn mostly from her debut LP Night Time, My Time, which was released last year to much acclaim.  Ms. Ferreira was originally only slated to perform one show the previous night, though a second show was added along with a third taking place the following night, which was announced that Monday morning due to popular demand.

Since her debut album’s release—which features a rather risqué photo of Ferreira, topless in the shower as its cover art—Sky has ditched her blonde hair, reverting to her natural brunette tones.  She wore a black T-shirt featuring the face of The Cure’s Robert Smith (an obvious influence), as well as an oversized brown jacket lined with blue and white plaid flannel and featuring a fur-lined hood (“This is the only jacket I brought, I don’t know why!”) which she didn’t remove throughout the entirety of the show, despite the palpable heat of the venue as well as repeated shouts of “Take it off!” from the crowd’s heterosexual males, who were few and far between.  (Most of the audience consisted of women, as well as gay men.)  Every member of the audience had one thing in common: they were all extremely excited to be there, and their collective energy was a driving force behind Ms. Ferreira’s electrifying performance.

Sky started her set off with the Night Time, My Time track “24 Hours,” a perfect place to start due to the song’s illustrious dance beats and catchy chorus hooks that had everyone in the venue singing along at the top of their lungs.  “24 Hours” was followed by a more mellow, new song, “Guardian,” but things picked up again with “Boys,” the opening track off Night Time, My Time, which was a definite crowd favorite.  I was somewhat envious of the gaggles of friends jumping joyously with their arms wrapped around one another during this track particularly, as they all looked so happy being in each other’s company.  Alas, I was at the show alone (such is the burden of being a music journalist), but Sky’s continuous energy had me rapt throughout the show, so for the most part I wasn’t too bothered.

What followed was a delightful mix of other songs from Night Time, My Time, as well as a few from her second proper release, an EP entitled Ghost which came out in 2012 (her first EP, As If!, was released in 2011).  While most of the show’s energy relied on more raucous numbers like “I Will,” “I Blame Myself,” “Ain’t Your Right,” “Heavy Metal Heart” and “Love in Stereo”—all of which coaxed a rather wild nature from her eager audience—it was nice to hear some more heartfelt, slower songs punctuate the set, such as “Sad Dream” and the title tracks from both Night Time, My Time and Ghost.  Towards the end, Ms. Ferreira whipped out hits “You’re Not The One” (usually the closer of her set) and “Lost in My Bedroom,” both of which had the entire crowd dancing maniacally in a fit of excited bliss.

What makes Sky Ferreira’s music so enthralling is her wide spectrum of influences, ranging from ‘80s gothic rock and new wave to female powerhouse singer-songwriters, even the melancholy instrumentals heard in the cult classic 90s TV show Twin Peaks.  She has a beautiful voice that she employs in all sorts of interesting ways, as well as an awesome stage presence that is difficult to tear one’s gaze away from.  She is also so very young, and to have such a wonderfully eclectic, critically acclaimed album so early in her career is not only a blessing but also a solid indication that the best is yet to come. 

Sky Ferreira ruled over that crowd like a queen upon the throne, and her audience was equally loyal and receptive to her reign.  I look forward to what she comes up with next.


Corey Bell

Corey Bell

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Corey Bell