Typhoon + Doug Fir = Epic

Typhoon’s set at the Doug Fir Friday night can only be described as epic. The Portland dodectet (that’s a group of 12 for you non-mathy folks) features a duo of trumpeters, a duo of drummers and a string trio. Lead singer Kyle Morton shines through it all with his soulful vocals and bashful charisma.


I can’t say enough good things about Typhoon. Their songs linger in my head throughout my day, and every listen brings forth new details I hadn’t noticed before. Seeing them live was a treat. I can safely say it was one of the best shows I have ever been to.


Their set ran somewhat like a play. Act I began with Mouth of the Cave” which is sounds like a shortened version of “The Honest Truth,” from their new album A New Kind of House. Several spirited songs followed, many I had never had the pleasure of hearing before. Then, Typhoon did something…odd. They had an intermission.

Why don’t more bands do this? It was the perfect break to refresh the beer, hit the bathroom or jockey for a better place to watch the show. No one was certain if the show had started again when one of the drummers came out and started jamming. Slowly, the remaining members trickled in and took their positions. The band broke seamlessly into a song with tremulous horns and deafening percussion. Typhoon is perhaps at their very best when they are in full force, all instruments and voices blending into harmonious perfection.


The video below is of “The Honest Truth.” It’s my favorite Typhoon song. It’s so magnificent, especially when they all break into song together. It was awesome because a lot of the audience also knew the song, so it felt like a spectacular sporting event. Only the national anthem was a Typhoon song.

Then, sadly, Typhoon was done. Or were they? After much cheering and foot stomping, Typhoon came out for one more song- a curtain call of sorts. Here’s “Claws Pt. 1,” an edgier and more mysterious song. It shows Typhoon’s versatility and range quite nicely. Morton’s vocals are deliciously despondent on this song. The string accompaniment also adds a fantastic layer of beauty.

The show was epic. If you have the chance to see Typhoon live, do not miss it. Sadly, I cannot report any upcoming tour dates, but I’ll make sure to pass on any info. I get.


Get A New Kind of House here for $3.50! Skip that latte and get a great album instead!