Words and an impromptu in-home performance by Kris Orlowski

I first met Seattle-based artist Kris Orlowski at the New Music Seminar back in February. We bonded instantly over the perilous state of the music industry and a shared affinity for sarcasm, and when I later visited his website I was amazed to find that I liked his music as much as the actual man creating it. We kept in touch since the seminar, and when I heard he was heading down to LA for several show dates I asked if he’d be able to stop by my house for an interview. He offered to play a song or two acoustically, and so we decided to record it and invite some friends over to give him a proper audience. The resulting video is absolutely incredible, especially when you realize that neither his guitar nor vocals are being amplified in any way. There’s absolutely no reverb or other backing vocals to lean on, and Kris makes it very clear that he needs no such effects to touch listeners with his music. Check out my interview above as well as the first song he performed entitled “Waiting” below. This is the same song that he shot a music video for using Chatroulette (see video below break).


photo by Laurel Kathleen

Not only did he play several of his own songs for us, but he also invited several other musicians in the audience to accompany him on a few improv tunes as well as eliciting the eager audience’s help on the vocals. By the second song, he had us singing harmonies along with his chorus. By the end of the night, we had all dissolved in giggles after what might have ben the rowdiest rendition of “Kumbaya” ever performed. After his CD release show on May 12th at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle, he’ll be playing a series of dates in and around Seattle throughout the end of June. Be sure to stop by his website for a free download, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates on his upcoming tour dates. His EP will be available May 12th on his website, and be sure to check out his video for “Waiting” below!


Kris Orlowski and friends-photo by Laurel Kathleen