Kate Tucker And The Sons Of Sweden – The Shape The Color The Feel

Nashville – Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden like to do things a little differently. Their new album, The Shape The Color The Feel, is due out in February of 2014, and it promises to be anything but a typical album release. The music will be accompanied by a slew of musicians, producers, filmmakers, photographers, choreographers, visual artists, and even a troupe of dancers.

It’s an ambitious project for a band that has been on hiatus since their first release in 2007. Since that time, Kate Tucker has released three of her own solo albums. The forthcoming album seems to have breathed new energy into the band though. KT&SOS have found themselves not just releasing an album, but also forging a mini artistic revolution here in Nashville. Artists of all stripes are finding each other through this project and strengthening each other’s creative energies.

The band had an initial idea to turn their album over to a small number of artists who would give visual representation to their music. Those numbers kept growing. KT&SOS’s humble Kickstarter project became a worldwide, artistic collaboration, although most of their support comes from the band’s adopted city of Nashville. It’s become way bigger than the band probably ever dreamed it could be. Because of its virility, the project pulses with the carefree feeling that comes when a project’s fate is given up to the wind.

Kate Tucker’s voice shimmers over the album, leading the way through songs about desire and breakups. She puts all of the writing on the wall as she dips into the most emotional moments of a relationship— the moment when you realize it isn’t going to work out, agonizing over past decisions, being alone. With a touch of Hope Sandoval in her voice, Tucker’s delicate vocals stand up to the band’s full sound.

The most recent release from the project is a video for “Blue Hotel,” a punchy, catchy song about loving a reckless person. Nashville production company Yeah Yeah Creative put together the video. It’s available through KT&SOS’s Tumblr page along with the first video for “Looking Around.”

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. Well sometimes it takes a village to raise an album. You can check out KT&SOS’s “village” on the band’s Karma Wall to see some of the people who’ve given this album life. From the Nashville vinyl veterans at United Record Pressing to Israeli filmmaker Eran Rikils, an impressive list is helping to release this album.

Over the coming months, KT&SOS fans will be wondering, “What will happen next?” Herein lies the limitless wonder of creativity: we don’t really know what will happen. Singles off The Shape The Color The Feel will appear through videos, photography, dance, etc.  Stay tuned to see what shape those expressions will take.

Caroline McDonald

Caroline McDonald

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