There is a password for a free show tonight by The Dance Party

In case you missed their recent strip-club show, our darling gents The Dance Party are playing a show at the Viper Room tonight, and there’s a password to get in for the low-low price of free. This gives the event an air of speakeasy, like the club entrance might be hidden between a radiator and some hep cat in a zoot suit flipping a coin. But no, it’s the Viper Room, so all you have to do is find the dude at the door, assume your most conspiratorial tone, and tell him, “gold”, as in solid mutha*****n gold, boyeee. And then he can wave you in so he doesn’t have to deal with you anymore.

It’s no secret, however, that The Dance Party were recently signed to Hell Ya! Records, so if you haven’t caught them since they became major-label recording artists, tonight might be a very special night for you! TDP go on at 9 pm, followed by Burn Down the Mission, The Jakes and All Wrong & The Plans Change.


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