Album Review: No Joy, Wait to Pleasure


There are certain buzz words that appear over and over again in album reviews: fuzzy, crunchy, dreamy, maturing, etc. They’re not genres, necessarily, but they’re words used to almost categorize a band’s sound down to Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order-Family-Genus-Species status. They let you know exactly what you’re getting into before you even open the CD or, as is

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Album Review: Milo Greene


Milo Greene is not a real person. He is a fictitious manager/booking agent that three struggling musicians and college classmates created to help effectively promote their individual endeavors. Those three friends were Andrew Heringer, Robbie Arnett and Marlana Sheetz, and years later, when the three-piece finally decided to write music together, they found it appropriate

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Album Review: Parallels, XII


Canada seems to be the breeding ground for crunchy electro pop these days, and Toronto-based Parallels may be one of the groups that helped start it all. The synthpop trio formed in 2008, when Cameron Findlay, the former drummer of fellow Canadian electro poppers Crystal Castles, teamed up with vocalist/composer/producer Holly Dodson. Since its inception

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Album Review: RACES, Year of the Witch


Los Angeles band RACES is hitting the scene with their first full-length album, Year of the Witch. Formed in 2009, RACES have distinguished themselves through their alternative, orchestral, rolling melodies and awesomely spastic moments of fuzzed-up, garage instrumentals. This LP is the follow up to their Big Broom EP and limited edition 7” featuring songs

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Album Review: Trust—TRST


There is no question that the ‘80s are making a comeback. It seems like the majority of recent buzz bands pull to the decade of sweet pop and crunchy synthesizers for inspiration, making keyboards a necessity for most modern acts. So how does a group make its influences unique? For the Toronto-based electro-goth duo, Trust,

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Album Review: Brian Lopez – Ultra


Brian Lopez, a soulful, curly-headed, Tucson-raised singer-songwriter has made his way on to my music radar and left a great first impression with his first solo, full-length album, album, Ultra.  Branching out from his role as the leader of experimental three-piece group Mostly Bears (which, according to Wikipedia, [awesomely] sounds like “Radiohead circa 1996 getting

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