Backstage At Lollapalooza With Helena


Lollapalooza wasn’t only for the big stars. A lot of up and coming new bands and new artists made their collective big time festival debut at the event. One such artist is Helena. The India-born, Los Angeles-based 21-year-old newcomer has a lot to say. Her unusual life so far has provided heartfelt lyrical grist for

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An Interview With Boston’s Quilt


Quilt is a somewhat mysterious and intriguing band from Boston, who make freak-folky, experimental psychedelic jams that swirl around your head and transport you back in time to somewhere in the future. When you listen to their music, somehow that previous statement makes total sense. The trio of Anna Rochinski, Shane Butler, and John Andrews

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10 Questions With Cosmo Jarvis


For a 22-year-old, Cosmo Jarvis has a lot going on. Firstly, he released his new and third album Think Bigger on July 17th, via 25th Frame/ The End Records. If that wasn’t enough, Jarvis has just finished his first full-length feature film, entitled Naughty Room. That’s right, a multi-faceted threat. Born in New Jersey to

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An Interview with Aaron Ellington of Young Empires on Their New Interactive Video and More


Young Empires are a Toronto-based haute rock dance party, with Matthew Vlahovich on vocals and keys, Jacob Palahnuk on bass, Aaron Ellingson on guitar, and Taylor Hill on drums. These friends have been jamming together since 2009, but have recently gained wider attention for an impressively fun interactive Facebook music video for the single “White

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