Featured Artist: Cayucas


Over the past few years, along with electronic music, indie pop bands have found themselves in the unfamiliar position of becoming fixtures on alt rock stations, but also pop radio. Groups like Grouplove, fun. and Passion Pit, have redefined what it means to be a popular band and have dominated both airwaves and commercials. Collectively,

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Holy Ghost! Lights Up The Troubadour


To quote esteemed football manager Rafa Benitez, here are some facts: electronic music is in right now. While this may seem obvious to anyone who has listened to either terrestrial or satellite radio over the past 18 months, Monday night’s Holy Ghost! Show at the Troubadour confirmed that young, in-the-know music listeners could turn literally

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RNDM Acts Like Pros in Los Angeles


There’s something pure about seeing a three-piece band rock like they’re playing in their garage or rehearsal. Yes, many of the big outfits over the years have been quartets, but that doesn’t take away from the stripped down simplicity of a three-piece. Last week at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, RNDM, a trio hailing from

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Featured artist: Born Ruffians


The varying equation of determining what is a best new band, a rising band or a potential star is often a complex one. But above anything else, the one prerequisite that’s more important than anything else is that band needs to be great and have its brighter days ahead of them. That’s certainly in the

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Featured Artist: Dawes


When a band is labeled as a throwback, it could be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, it means that you understand the history and foundation of where great music is made and are honoring that tradition. Contrarily, it could mean that you haven’t adapted with the times and sound old. Fortunately in

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