Artist of the Week: Tame Impala


Heavy, fuzzy, psychedelic guitar rock can come from the darndest places. Whether it be the mighty Led Zeppelin, who defined the genre, to Black Sabbath, who obliterated it. Now, there’s a new band that can play a similar role, albeit 40 years later. They hail from Perth, Australia and are called Tame Impala. As we’ve

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Q&A: Sand Section


Hermosa Beach’s Sand Section started off as a bunch of dudes jamming in high school to a full-fledged recording outfit. After playing gigs around the South Bay and Hollywood during these years, college came and the members went their separate ways, until their hankering for making music returned. Though the lineup has changed multiple times

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The Shivers: Give Me More!


The Shivers are the kind of band I feel like I should have heard about before now. Their Americana style of rock is so solid, it sounds like it could come from the ’70s (one of my favorite music decades). The Shivers’s latest album, More, released May 10, sounds like a jam session with greats

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Q&A: Leo Machado


In a city as diverse as Los Angeles, it should come as no surprise that someone as talented Nicaraguan-born musician Leo Machado would create the sound that reflect that many faces that the City of Angels has to offer. With a website that is in English and Spanish, Machado has the flash on glamour that

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BNBTV Spotlight: The Goondas, “Jackalope Jesus” Remember the days when rock n’ roll was really rock n’ roll? When it was largely feared by the masses, when reeling guitars caused echoing screams, and lead singers shook and convulsed on stage like madmen, scaring but captivating mindblown audiences?  Before bands like Linkin Park turned everyone around you into a Hot-Topic-frequenting idiot

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