Weekend Playlist – Jan. 14, 2011


Today’s Playlist includes a little bit of everything BestNewBands.com has featured this week, from folk to punk-rock to dubstep – everything your music-loving hearts could desire! Listen and enjoy… “Shoeshine” – Black Taxi In this weekend’s BackStory Bonus, the guys of Black Taxi tell us about their single, “Shoeshine.” “Shoeshine is a song written by

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Talent at the Troubadour: The Hush with The Modern Drone, Bethpage Black, People by the Sea, thatwasthen, and Satellite Thieves


The word of the evening, ladies and gentlemen, is talent.  Last night at the Troubadour, raw talent was apparent in every band that graced the tiny stage, making for an awesomely accurate portrayal of today’s local rock scene.  Six groups came and went, each bringing a different and individual sound, thus creating a more than

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