fun. Releases New Single, “We Are Young (Feat. Janelle Monae)” from Upcoming Album


The first single from fun. from their upcoming album (not yet titled, due out next year) is officially here, and it’s pretty freaking cool.  “We Are Young” features Janelle Monae ___. Download it here, listen below, or watch the video above.  As for the music video…weird.  In a nutshell (spoiler alert), a half-Asian Natalie Portman sits on a bed carving an apple while having some sort of metaphorical sexual experience (I think…), slices her hand open, bleeds a lot, then smiles as she applies her blood as lipstick and falls back onto the bed. Artsy? Whatever…

…The song is the important part, anyways.  It has a killer intro with a sly little drum beat backing Nate’s incredible songwriting.  While, musically, the song gets a little repetitive by about a minute and a half (sadly, it lacks some of the quirk that has characterized fun.’s sound; i.e., trumpet, flugelhorn, glockenspiel, etc.), Nate’s able lyricism is undeniable, and their is a good pace change from the intro to the meat of the song.  Overall the song is, as I’ve said, pretty freaking cool–I mean, I already have that piercing chorus stuck in my head.

fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe by Fueled By Ramen