Featured Artist: The Shelters

The Shelters - Best New Bands

Los Angeles – The Shelters are a band on the precipice of rock stardom. Their debut full-length studio album will be released on June 10 and promises to further the refreshingly relevant alternative rock sounds heard on their previously released EP. Not only do they have a major label recording deal with Warner Brothers Records,

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Frankie Cosmos Headlines The Echo in Los Angeles

Frankie Cosmos by Katie Garcia - Best New Bands

Los Angeles - While Greta Simone Kline, better known as Frankie Cosmos, may have celebrity blood coursing through her veins, she represents anything but the Hollywood elite. Of course, that may be affected by the fact that her father is the well-respected and award winning actor Kevin Kline and not some out of touch industry insider. Blending the heavily

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Yuck Rises Through the Odds

Yuck by Matt Matasci - Best New Bands

Los Angeles - After original lead singer Daniel Blumberg left Yuck in 2013, many speculated that his departure would cause the band to fold. Instead, the remaining members trudged on to release Glow & Behold in 2013. While it was not poorly received, critics found the energy from the band’s self-titled debut did not carry over with the loss

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Quilt Crafts a Comforting Tapestry of Music

Quilt - Best New Bands

Los Angeles – Much like the very “search engine unfriendly” name would suggest, Quilt crafts a warm, comforting tapestry of music. Pulling influence from psychedelic rock, krautrock, dream pop, and typical guitar-driven indie rock, the group’s songs sprawl out in all directions, creating a blanket of sound. Despite the fact that Quilt is just now making major

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The Rubens Shine at the Teragram Ballroom

The Rubens by Matt Matasci - Best New Bands

Los Angeles – In the vast range of artists’ popularity (your local garage band being the low point and U2 being the high point), there is a sweet spot right in the middle that bands like The Rubens occupy. These groups are popular enough to bring a dedicated following to every show, giving each performance an exhilarating feeling

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