Weekend Playlist – May 6, 2011

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“You Oughta Know” – Das Racist

“Coming or Going” – White Arrows

Lauren Novik highlighted the upcoming tenth anniversary of Sasquatch! Music Festival, which is held annually at The Gorge in WA.

Lauren wrote, “Well we’ve officially sprung into Spring and at the end of this month, Sasquatch Festival!  What better way to kick off Summer fest season that with the likes of Iron & Wine, (New!) Death Cab For Cutie, (New!) Foo Fighters, and a several other of my close personal faves!

“We’ll have some staffers on the ground reporting live from the front lines but since I can’t be at two places at once I’m suggesting that you lucky Sasquatch goers go and see Wolf Parade, Old 97s, BIFFY CLYRO (seriously, I saw them do an acoustic performance a while back and it blew my mind- I plan on hitting as many U.K. and Euro-fests as I’m allowed to just to get a double dose of the Scot Rock band!), Das Racist, and one of my local L.A. faves White Arrows!”

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“The Kite” – The Sound of Growing Up

Liz Livengood recently interviewed the band – here’s some of their conversation:

Liz Livengood: What did you all want to be when you grew up?

Gerard Beaudoin: I wanted to be an archaeologist, a professional wrestler, or a lawyer.

Steve Tagarelis: I always had that stereotypical boy’s dream of wanting to be a Major League Baseball player.

Justin Kao: I wanted to be Luke Skywalker.

LL: Talk to me about the video for “The Kite.” What did the letters mean to you?

GB:  The letters represented another artist’s interpretation of our song.  Eric [Nichols] did a great job coming up with a completely original and creative script.

JK:  I’ve heard a lot of different takes on it from people, and I love that about it.  To me, they represent the idea of how difficult it can be to attain something that you think you’re missing, and how hard that chase to attain it can be – which coincides with the theme of the song.

TM: I’m not too good at reading, so I have no idea what the letters mean.  But we’re looking forward to sharing it with fans and new listeners.  Also, Justin looks hot.

LL: If you weren’t doing this (the band), what do you think your life would be like?

GB: I’d cross state lines a lot less, and miss out on meeting all the cool people I’ve met on the road.

JK: I’d probably be a pretty successful rapper by now.  Or I’d have a lot more free time.

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“O.N.E.” – Yeasayer

Monica Christoffels previewed the Mallard Madness festival this weekend in Eugene, Oregon, which brings big names such as Yeasayer, A-Trak and RJD2 to the tiny town.

Monica wrote, “Very seldomly does anything newsworthy happen in a seemingly small town such as Eugene, Oregon. Well, I should take that back–this year saw local concerts by Gogol Bordello, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and even the legendary Elton John. (Oh, and our football team went to the national championship game, but that’s an aside.) So when a friend told me she was helping organize an event that would bring artists such as Yeasayer to town, well, I almost had a panic attack. In retrospect, though, I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised: big things are always happening in this city–the trick is knowing when and where to find them.”

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Moving Units

“Pink Redemption” – Moving Units

“Love is a Wave” – Crystal Stilits

Laurel Kathleen previewed the two bands’ concert in LA tonight.

Laurel wrote, “Moving Units recently released an EP called Tension War that is now available on iTunes. For more information on their upcoming tour dates, please follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Crystal Stilts has a series of tour dates planned in the US over the next few weeks before heading to Europe in June. For more information about specific dates, please visit their Facebook page. Crystal Stilts‘ second full length release In Love With Oblivion (cover pictured below) is now available here. Catch them both this Friday at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County! In addition to both bands, DJs will be spinning from 5:00pm until 10:00pm. Doors open at 5:00pm and the show is all ages. Adult tickets are $9 each, tickets for seniors and students with valid ID are $6.50, and children are $2 and available here. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is located at 900 Exposition Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.”

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“Trains and Tracks” – An Horse

Kristina Villarini recently spoke with Kate Cooper of An Horse about “why a rational person who choose to create music for a living, the real story of their name, the secret of a good song and executing timely pranks,” according to Kristina. Here’s some of their conversation:

Kristina Villarini: Can you explain what compels someone to pick up and move from their home, jump in a van and drive for long hours to play music in front of strangers?

Kate Cooper: I am not entirely sure. I like writing songs and playing music. It surprises me daily that strangers want to hear the music we make. You know, I do love a good adventure and playing music and traveling the world is a pretty damn good adventure.

KV: As I understand it, the name “an horse” came from a debate about whether you would use “a horse” or “an horse” in a statement. Was that ever settled, or are you continuing the debate by using it as your name?

KC: We used it as a band name to provoke thought and create debate. No, in all honesty, we used it because my sister had given me a sweater with “An Horse” emblazoned on it. I used to wear it and people would ask if it was a band. When we were looking for a band name, that seemed like an easy fix. It’s arguably correct either way. Choose your style manual.

KV: What is more long-lasting: a good pop song or a good rock song? What is more important: the lyrics or the music?

KC: A good song is a good song. I don’t buy into one kind of music being better than another. A good song will stand the test of time whether it’s straight up pop or black metal. It’s all very subjective. I think the two are so intertwined, it’s impossible to judge them as separate entities. I know other people who listen to the music before listening to a word the singer is singing and vice-versa.

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“The Storm (featuring Eddie Soles of Almost There)” – Verity in Stereo

Claire Gallagher previewed the band’s Asbury Park concert this weekend.

Claire wrote, “If you’re in the Jersey area, you are in luck.  This Saturday, May 7th, our former Artist in Residence Verity in Stereo will be taking the stage at Asbury Park! Doors open at 7 (Its says 6 on the flier, but a band dropped out).  It is being held at a place referred to The Post, aka the Asbury VFW Hall. Click here for a map of the location: 701 Lake Ave, Asbury Park, NJ. It’s an all ages event and tickets are $10.  You can get tickets from the bands or buy them at the door.

Here’s the full lineup:

Verity In Stereo

The Amboys

Mad Feather Group

James Arlowe and the Ruffian Circus

The Downrights

Check out the Facebook Event Page here.”

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