Weekend Playlist – November 26, 2010


photo credit: Laurel Kathleen

Happy Black Friday – or Buy Nothing Day, whichever you prefer. Before you start your holiday weekend, BNB invites you to check out this playlist of songs from the week’s featured artists.

“Percussion Gun” – White Rabbits:
On Saturday, Kristina Villarini shared her interview with White Rabbits. Here’s an excerpt of their conversation:

Kristina: What is the collaborative process for you guys? Do you ever battle it out for a specific sound?
Brian Betancourt: Yeah, yeah.
Alex Even: It’s always a bit of a struggle.
BB: Six people, you know, you get a lot of different opinions.
Matthew Clark: Six… Yeah. Six.
MC: Six. [Laughs]
AE: Generally, it takes a little bit to get everybody to, sort of, get on board with an idea. But in the end, we think it’s better that we have to fight and struggle to get anything to the surface, because it means we’re all excited about it.
BB: It can be pretty hard, but the pay-off is always satisfying.

Read the rest of the interview here.

“The Ghost and The Witness” – Earl Greyhound:
Sherene Hilal got to check out Earl Greyhound’s show at the Bowery Ballroom and wrote about it on Sunday.

Sherene wrote, “Earl Greyhound effortlessly poured out songs from their currently released EP, Suspicious Package (now on iTunes), and their second song of the set, ‘The Ghost and The Witness’ sets us back twenty-years when bands used to begin their songs with a one-man epilogue to set the tone for their music. Earl Greyhound brings back the story-telling in music and although I wouldn’t quite call it blues, it is definitely soul.

Read the rest of Sherene’s review here.

“Empathy” – Chasing Kings:
Laurel Kathleen wrote a review about Chasing Kings’ new, regular gig at Silverlake Lounge.

Laurel wrote, “It was very obvious that the group genuinely enjoyed playing together, and their interactions onstage and with the audience were very natural. The fact that they were all very proficient on their instruments meant that they could color outside of the lines and still make their performance visually expressive, like when the lead singer moved suddenly toward the bass player to jam out before leaning into his microphone and singing together punk-style.  The crowd swayed and smiled, completely involved in everything that was happening onstage.

Read the rest of Laurel’s review here.

“Go Dancing” – Eux Autres:
On Tuesday, Liz Livengood reviewed Eux Autres’ latest album, Broken Bow.

Liz wrote, “I listened to most of this album on a freezing, slushy day in Portland, but Eux Autres’s sunshine pop kept me warm. The first track, ‘Jamais,’which means ‘never,’ is a good representation of Eux Autres’s signature sound. The poppy, energetic number is fun to sing along with, and the lyrics are in simple enough French for me to understand. [...] ‘Go Dancing’ has great lyrics like: ‘Wait you said you’d wait / For a moment or a year / Now I’m haunting every hidden sidewalk / Just to prove that we were here.’ Another artful mixture of sadness and joy!

Read the rest of Liz’s album review here.


photo credit: Cervante Pope

“The Greatest Good” – Jennifer Quiroz:
Cervante Pope recently caught Jennifer Quiroz at the Roxy and on Wednesday she reviewed the artist’s birthday performance.

Cervante wrote, “Jennifer’s infectious little voice seeps into you like water in a sponge. In between songs she actually took the time to give love to all of those who came to see her. Her gratitude made the show more enjoyable because it showed that she actually cared that we all came out, especially for her birthday.

Read the rest of Cervante’s review here.

“Lara vs. The Savage Pack (LOL Boys Mix)” – Midnight Juggernauts:
On Thursday, Laurel Kathleen wrote about Midnight Juggernauts’ performance at the Echoplex in LA.

Laurel wrote, “Bathed in soft purple light, [Midnight Juggernauts] worked their way up from ambient synth sounds and heavy keyboard chords to pulsing dance beats and a drummer that seemed eager to imitate a perpetual motion machine. Smoke drifted over the musicians and audience, seeming to come from everywhere at once. [...] They really got the crowd moving with ‘Lara vs. The Savage Pack’, an energetic dance groove that was heavy on the guitar fuzz. Once the audience started dancing, they didn’t stop until the very last song.

Read the rest of Laurel’s review here.

“Running” – Computer Magic:
Jesse Diener-Bennett reviewed the Computer Magic show, which also featured The Vandelles and Hooray for Earth, at Pianos NYC.

Jesse wrote, “The band played straightforward riffs underneath the backing track and Danz’s wonderful, piercing vocals. [...] It was when the live band felt free to make some noise of their own that Computer Magic came together. During “Running” and “The End of Time,” the band stepped it up, becoming intense and energetic. These songs made me wonder what the band would sound like if they tried turning off the backing track and further refashioned the songs for a live setting.

Read the rest of Jesse’s review and watch live footage from the concert here.

“Telephone” – Black Angels
Lauren Novik recently caught The Black Angels at El Rey, and wrote a concert review.

Lauren raved, “Now, albeit I’m a total sucker for anything that remotely resembles something straight out of the golden age of no-holds-barred rock, the 1960s, and I completely fell in love with Jefferson Airplane/ Doors hybrid (check out ‘Telephone’ and ‘Bad Vibrations’) and safe to say it was an hour and fifteen minute set that had the entire audience musically mind-f***ed.  Had someone resurrected Morrison and neglected to send me the memo?

Read the rest of the review, and watch Black Angels’ video for “Telephone”, here.