Featured Artist: Shakey Graves

Austin, Texas is not for want of very high quality musicians. It’s practically overrun with them (in a very good way). When an artist stands out, therefore, it must say quite a bit of their credentials. For an artist to get a city-wide holiday named after them, then, it must say more than quite a bit of their credentials. The city of Austin named February 9th Shakey Graves Day and solo artist Shakey Graves doubtlessly deserves the annual celebration.

Shakey Graves is the moniker of Texan Alejandro Rose-Garcia (he revealed the origin of the name in the “Late July” video prelude). His finger picking skills on both the guitar and the banjo can rival any of the classics and he’s able to match the guitar with cowboy vocal melodies that relentlessly spin stories that reek of rambling wanderlust. Shakey has this troubadour mystique that’s totally beguiling as he sings songs of the road and of roaming that can make you all too eager to simultaneously hit the road yourself or just pack and settle in Austin to hang out with this guy.

Shakey released his debut album, Roll the Bones, in 2011 just on bandcamp (where the record still lives at “name your own price”). The self-released record might have come from a humble place, but there is nothing subtle about the quality that originally spewed from Shakey in this album.

After slowly leaking the occasional track after the 2011 released, Shakey finally came out with a sophomore album: The Donor Blues EP. This album is simpler than its predecessor and gives us a taste of Shakey Graves as a more settled musician. Luckily, it provides just as high a quality. Since then he’s kindly enough released a compilation EP of unreleased tracks from 2007 – 2013, Story of My Life. It includes covers and originals that will certainly provide a new source of our much needed Shakey Graves fix.

Shakey Graves is on the road now (a state that seems only too natural for him). He’s currently hanging out up and down the west coast, including a stint at Pickathon Festival outside of Portland at the beginning of next month (which I am more than excited for). After that, he’ll be paying visits to the east coast and throughout the middle of the country, even including some visits to Canada. Definitely, definitely check him out where you can.

While you wait, you can listen to all his releases on his bandcamp and stay tuned for our coverage of Shakey Graves at Pickathon!


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