3 Best Performances At A Festival – Part One – Four Year Strong!


After 6 months of covering festivals both in the U.S. and Europe, it’s time to reflect on all the great performances we covered and to recognize the best of the best. So, we’re going to pick three of the most memorable and relive the moment. Here’s part 1:

First up is Four Year Strong‘s performance at July’s Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, United Kingdom!

Sonisphere featured a vast array of hard rocking up and comers alongside musically fortified artists like Metallica but out of all the great bands (and there were a ton to choose from) Four Year Strong was certainly in it to win it and I was privy to one hell of an on stage performance!

All the songs they performed exuded a contagious energy that spread through the crowd with G5 force.  It has to be said though that the key tracks that had everybody up and at it were “wasting time” and “tonight we feel alive” and the chaos that ensued spawned from just two key tracks was a spectacle and a half to watch.  After all, I’m a huge hard rock fan- but sometimes (especially at a fest where stamina is continually dwindling) sometimes you just need a double dose of of pop rock punk to get you going, and FYS worked like a charm!

Keep your eyes on the four Massachusetts based rockers for more upbeat tracks and tunes.  And it’s safe to say Sonisphere is going to bring it again next year- so keep an eye up for the twenty-twelve line up to be released!  To keep updated on the latest and greatest with Four Year Strong feel free to cyberstalk HERE!

Photo by James Parker