3 Best Performances At A Festival – Part Three – Little Comets!


I’m from the city of angels so traipsing around in a mud laden field isn’t exactly my idea of a good time- but take that and add seven stages chock full of kick ass music and I’m willing to take one for the team! Of course the only fest capable of offering up such a delectable serving of musical tricks and treats would be Reading and Leeds festival where Little Comets instantly became the winner of the best performance at a festival- and there were a lot to choose from considering we at BestNewBands.com have been traipsing all over the U.S. and the U.K. all summer!

The cool thing about Reading & Leeds is the awesome assortment of options- a musical potpourri if you will filled with greats ranging from Taking Back Sunday, to Dry The River, on to Frank Turner, and back around again to Little Comets- just think of all the kick ass cardio you unknowingly subject yourself to by running around the field (well- more like walking cautiously so you don’t accidentally sign yourself up for an inconvenient mud bath!) to get to each stage. If you’re in dire need of a little R&R sesh instead though, camping out in front of one stage isn’t exactly a bad idea either. I wasn’t planning on catching Little Comets but I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself dancing around in a tent hotter than Dante’s Inferno to the choice tunes! (SIDENOTE: My ideal show lineup I can now say safely would have to be Fight From Above, Volcanoless In Canada, and Little Comets- sadly FFA is no more- but hey, I’m not letting anyone rain on my parade just yet.)

Back to our perfomance winners Little Comets really were in it to win it and though not on the main stage, they had people spilling out from all sides of the tent- lured in by the catchy music wafting out of the sides no doubt. I had definitely heard of them before but hadn’t given them a solid spin just yet and their on stage performance instantly blew me away. With extra instruments hanging from a string steadily hanging from one side to another and their upbeat tunes and catchy melodies I had no idea I was in for a toe tapping, twisty-turny good time. Sidenote: for those that haven’t danced in wellies, it’s quite the challenge to maintain vertical when just a simple slip in the wrong direction you could find yourself in an unsolicited mudbath. That aside, it was totally worth the looming danger to shake it off stage while the four Newcastle kids were energetically performing on stage antics set to happy electro pop style sounds. Definitely the best, and most unexpected find at Reading this year!

While I’m anxiously awaiting them to make a trip to the city of angels you kids in Aberdeen are in luck (and I’m tres jealous) that LC will be playing a show on October 30! Grab your tickets now, and to stay updated on the latest and greatest with our best performance at a fest winners, head HERE and let the cyberstalking commence!