Lollapalooza Day 2: My Morning Jacket – Lykke Li – The Pretty Reckless – Local Natives – The Drums – The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Black Lips

Looking awesome while playing good music was the common theme I noticed during my second day at Lollapalooza. I started it off by swinging by the Black Lips set. While I watched a bottle of Jameson be placed on the stage for the intended mid show consumption by the band for this early afternoon set I knew I was in for a good show. I however did not expect to see a band member projectile vomit during the first song. It was probably one of the closet “true rock musician” behavior I’ve ever witness, and in all fairness he was a champ and didn’t miss a beat.


Black Lips

After that spectacle I ventured to see The Chain Gang of 1974. I had seem them down at sxsw earlier  this year and knew a good show was coming.  The lead singer truly gives his all for each and every song. Dancing like a mad man, and I mean that as a complement, jumping into the crowd to sing the whole second song was something he did without batting an eye. These guys are a great live band who put on a can’t miss show.


The Chain Gang Of 1974

The Drums were the next act I caught and it was definitely odd seeing them in the day light having previously shot them in a very dark small venue where the mood seemed very appropriate. Not to say they didn’t put on a good performance because they most certainly did, but the lead singer has a look to him that not only screamed new York fashionable hipster but while he performs there’s a sense of depleted hope or sorrow that is truly a visual mood enhancing quality that is lost in the bright afternoon light.


The Drums

Next right on trend mustache and all the Local Natives put on a crowd loving set. These guys definitely were placed perfectly on the bill to make the Saturday afternoon line up full of can’t miss acts.


Local Natives

I’m not going to lie I have been known to watch an episode or 2 of the show Gossip Girl, so when a former cast members band was announced to be playing I had to see what the fuss was about, and I’m so glad I did. The Pretty Reckless took the stage and lead singer Taylor did not disappoint any fans with her fashionable provoking outfit. Im pleased to say though she is proving many people who doubted her talent wrong. While in no way would I say their music will be liked by all, for the demographic they are targeting they are killing it.

The Pretty Reckless

The next act easily stole the show. Lykke Li commanded the stage and the audience, captivating the crowd into silence. The overall visual, lights, smoke machine, all black attire only enhanced the already great music.


Lykke Li

To close the night My Morning Jacket put on a show that only helps to show why they had a headlining set. They put on a spectacular show to end the second night.


My Morning Jacket

Two days down one to go. Time to get muddy as rain is in the forecast for Chicago, but neither the heat nor rain will keep fans away from the closing day. Check back tomorrow for the wrap up review.

All photos (c) Daniela Montelongo