6 New Bands At TBD Fest – Day One

TBD Fest

Sacramento – This first weekend of October is turning out to be a hot and sunny one here.  With temperatures rocketing up to the mid-90s, it feels more like summer in the desert instead of autumn in California’s capitol city.  Nonetheless, the few devotees willing to brave this Indian summer of sorts to bask in

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The Drums Kickstart L.A.’s Heartbeat


In an indie music scene replete with guitar-strumming, apathetic lead singers, The Drums’ Jonny Pierce is bringing back the frontman. He led the Brooklyn boys through a near-90-minute set Tuesday night that left the audience panting and drenched in sweat, and not just because of the Echoplex’s poor ventilation. The show, put on by tastemakers

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A Minute with The Drums


After my first time hearing “Let’s Go Surfing” by the Brooklyn born indie pop band The Drums I was hooked. Their sound is simple, catchy and addictive. Their debut self-titled album (Released in 2010) received a lot of buzz and they are now on the verge of releasing their second album Portamento (9/12). I recently

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Lollapalooza Day 2: My Morning Jacket – Lykke Li – The Pretty Reckless – Local Natives – The Drums – The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Black Lips


Looking awesome while playing good music was the common theme I noticed during my second day at Lollapalooza. I started it off by swinging by the Black Lips set. While I watched a bottle of Jameson be placed on the stage for the intended mid show consumption by the band for this early afternoon set

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Listen to The Drums


The Drums is an indie-pop band, by way of Brooklyn, New York. Influenced by bands like The Smiths and Orange Juice, Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham met at summer camp and formed a mutual interest in music. The pair formed Goat Explosion, before separating and succeeding in different bands. Reforming in 2006, they added drummer

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