At The Troubadour With’s New Artist In Residence!


Photo By Michael Beck

There are certain bands I get consistently amped to see- and even though I can have the CD on for a week straight- still cannot wait to see them live.  Meet Fight From Above (Justin Miner, Dave Schechtman, Jeremy Miner, Justin Krook).


Since I was introduced to their L.A. Kids CD a year ago, they’ve been consistently on my itunes playlist- so naturally I was more than excited to hear the Hot Hot Heat/ Modest Mouse hybrid was back in the recording studio to feed my fancy with more addicting beats.


As with most bands, they’ve gone through a couple changes- and they’ve emerged a whole new breed, launching onto the L.A. indie rock scene with a new lust (and lease) on life- which is more than apparent at any one of their live shows!  (Make sure to check them out at the Viper Room, October 1 for their legendary Kill Summer show!)

Before their set at the Troubadour we had a chance to catch up a bit, and hear all the dirty details concerning their lives music-wise!

BNB:  So you guys just finished up a tour up the West coast- what was on heavy rotation in your ride?

FFA:  There was this one song that Miner- I don’t even remember which song it was- but apparently I was hanging out the window and I went passed the physical limit that the car would go- I don’t remember!

JM:  After that, I listened to “Wild Nothing” by myself.

FFA:  “Wild Nothing is a great, great album.  I was driving with Jeremy- we blasted some Outkast- and this dude also gave us a CD- he was more of a karaoke act- so we were listening to that.

BNB:  Any of your old school “28th St. Fire” action?

FFA:  No, no “28th St. Fire” action- some other stuff that we never did anything with.  From the vault.  You know, I just make my own private Fight From Above albums.


BNB:  Musical inspirations?

FFA:  Since the last time we talked?

BNB:  Yeah.  I need a fresh perspective!

DS:  There was that Beach Fossiles stuff you put on.

JM:  Yeah, that stuff was good- but not inspiring.  Nah, I’ve been listening to a lot of Wilco actually- their live album’s been getting me jazzed up about writing again!


BNB:  Who were you stoked to see at Sunset Strip Music Fest?!

FFA:  Pumpkins!

BNB:  Nice!  You guys actually played last year!

JM:  It was an…experience.

BNB:  Not to be repeated?

JM:  It was an…experience.

BNB:  See you at Sunset Junction next year then.

JM:  Then we’re talking!


BNB:  Next album we can expect from FFA?

FFA:  Well pretty soon actually.

BNB:  I know you like to debut your new songs at live shows…

FFA:  Yes, we’ll be playing a new one today- “Tilting At Windmills” NEVER before heard- exclusive status.


BNB:  So I know you dudes LOVE the really obscure questions- what flavor of bubblegum would you be?

FFA:  Gonna go with Carls Jr. bacon pastrami burger flavor- that would be dinner gum.  For dessert gum it would probably be green apple.

DS:  His I’m gonna answer for him- it’s the Fight From Above pizza- so that’s cheese pizza with French fries on top.


BNB:  And what would YOU do for a Klondike bar?

JM:  I would play lots and lots of shows for not any money and carry all my gear and shit around.

JK:  Oh wait- we do that already!

BNB:  Next live show in sunny SoCal we can catch you at?

FFA:  Kill Summer- second annual at the Viper Room October 1- with Golden State.

JM:  Yes, we’re excited!


BNB:  And what local slightly-uner-the-radar band are you all watching right now?

FFA:  The Smiles!  They’re actually playing with Young The Giant- they’re fun summer easy listening- just really good!


BNB:  What bigger music festival are you looking to play?

FFA:  Coachella- gotta play Coachella!

JK:  We’ve got a duel he (Jeremy Miner) says Bonnaroo!

BNB:  Are we going to “Fight” it out right now?

JM:  Come on- you’ve got indie rock music- in the grass- in the nice eighty-degree weather- with the bugs.

JK:  Well Coachella has those too…


BNB:  Has the chemistry changed at all since Jerome (former lead guitarist) has left FFA?

FFA:  Majorly.

BNB:  You guys seem to be jamming a little bit more onstage now…

FFA:  It brought new enthusiasm to the band, you know- we’ve been doing this a long time and we’re pretty excited.  He’s (Jeremy) made us younger too by the way.  Like ten years younger.

BNB:  Sweet- I want to feel ten years younger.

FFA:  Don’t hang out with us- you’ll feel ten years older!  But yeah, we’ve allowed the songs to become a little looser in their structure!


BNB:  Closing Remarks?

FFA:  Feed me beats!

DS:  I wish I had some pathetic website to promote like- like thanks to….but no.

FFA:  Kill Summer show- October 1!  Viper Room!  And we’ll be shooting the music video for our next single in the next month or so!  And also- if you enjoyed the Kill Summer show last year, you’re gonna like it again.  If you haven’t been- you’re gonna love it.  And everybody enjoy summer while you still got it- because we’re gonna kill it.


I am MORE than a little excited to announce Fight From Above as’s newest Artist In Residence!  You’ll be treated with an all month long FFA fix- and as their on-stage antics and chemistry can tell you- you won’t be disappointed- it’s total lust at first listen!


Their newest songs (“Tilting At Windmills” & “Robber Barons”  & “Refugees”) hold all the promise expected of a band that consistently keeps us begging for more- it’s no secret the album is more than a little highly anticipated!


You can check out more of FFA’s tunes and tracks at and head over to in September to get up close & personal with the L.A. Kids in faded kicks- and watch for a behind the scenes look as I go into the recording studio with them soon!