BackStory Bonus!: Wild International’s “Mayoridad”


In this bonus edition of BackStory, Ryan of Long Island’s Wild International tells us the story behind their song “Mayoridad.”

Without getting into too much detail, this song is really about coming to terms with your mistakes and realizing you can only grow from them and hope for the best in the end.  Before I wrote this song, I was going through a very difficult part of my life. I had pushed someone very important to me away through my immature actions, and without realizing it gave up the best thing I ever had. It was a struggle, but in the end I realized my flaws and was able to learn from my actions. I think that’s the best way of describing the song besides giving the obvious answer that “the song is about a girl.”

When choosing a name, I decided to take the line “coming of age” from the song and translate it into Spanish, making the title “Mayoridad.” I felt this particular line really summed up the meaning of the song, as long as this particular period in my own life.

WILD INTERNATIONAL | “Mayoridad” from Dave Fitz on Vimeo.

“Mayoridad” by Wild International

Stay with me in given time

Our lives will present us with virtue

And in our coming of age


Pray for just one peaceful night

Our body’s been restless for too long

And in our sorrowful ways we stand

Against each others back


So slowly we watch our promise suffocate

With no one to break this lasting silence


Stay with me in given time

Our lives will present us with Virtue

And in our Coming of age


Let us find each others hearts again