BackStory: Hot Day at the Zoo’s “(My Sweet Baby) Boom Boom Boom”

In this episode of BackStory, Michael Dion of New England Zoograssers Hot Day at the Zoo tells us the story behind their song “(My Sweet Baby) Boom Boom Boom.” (Thanks to for the video!)


The life of a touring musician, quite simply, does not mesh well with a “normal” domestic way of life. There’s the constant touring, the partying, the late nights, and then, of course, there’s the women. A touring musician who has chosen to be in a monogamous relationship is setting himself/herself up for failure. That is the central conflict at the heart of this song. Like so many songs that came before it, “My Sweet Baby Boom Boom Boom” was written about a girl, one of the great loves of my life, as it were…

The first two verses of the song covers the chase. For years I tried like hell to get her to go out with me, but time and time again she would shoot me down. Every time we ran into each other, one of us was involved in another relationship. It seemed as though we were literally being toyed with by the gods. Add in the disapproval of her family and her closest friends – apparently my reputation preceded me – and you’ve got a recipe for a modern-day Shakespearian tragedy. The third verse of the song is all about the sacrifice; that which I would do to prove my worthiness of her love. I would turn my back the “the life” in exchange for her love, proving that she is the only one for me. All I needed now was to be given the opportunity to prove myself. Well, to make a long story short, I eventually got my wish. She and I spent a few amazing years together but over time “the life” that I had given up proved to be more important to me in the end. Here I am, still on the road, still living the life, and still writing as fast as the pen will pull in hopes that someday I’ll find what it is I’m really looking for. The last verse takes a long look back at the decisions that were made and concludes that although “the life” is good – and sometimes it’s VERY good – it don’t last forever. Love reigns over all things. In the end, I was a fool.


(My Sweet Baby) Boom Boom Boom

Well I spend my time chasin’ pretty womens around.

Everybody know me as the dirtiest dog in town.
But there’s just one thing baby I need you to know.
I love more than my sweet baby so and so.

Been chasin’ you round since baby I don’t know when.
I’m fightin’ and cussin’ with all you other men.
Come on now baby there ain’t no need to cry.
I love you more than my sweet baby by and by.

Well I’d give up the life if I could only just have you.
I’ll prove to you baby I don’t want no one new.
Just give me a chance I’ll show you how I do.
I love you more than my sweet baby you know who.

I love you more than my sweet baby ace in the hole.
I love you more than my sweet baby rock and roll.
I love you more than my sweet baby shoot the moon.
I love you more than my sweet baby boom boom boom.