Fight From Above 2.0- New Songs, New Sound, Same Awesomeness


Sometimes, L.A. does something out of the ordinary, a little outside their comfort zones, and it turns out to be possibly the most fun you’ve had in a long time- like since SXSW three weeks ago. L.A. based band Fight From Above offered us the perfect excuse to diverge from our usually offices peppered along Sunset Boulevard and head to a venue in Silverlake for what I’m sincerely hoping (fingers, eyes and toes crossed!) they will do more often- a warehouse party in the wild’s of Los Angeles!

The new locale was definitely a change that came with several hiccups- but in true FFA style nothing was stopping the party and even with the unwelcome five-o (and their final departure!) we were on our way to a nonstop mind trip care of the four boys looking to shake things up from the dreaded expected.

After the cops left I grabbed the four guys and took them outside to get the lowdown on their new sound, upcoming events, and the debut of their latest music video for “Tilting At Windmills!”

LN: So you guys are throwing this warehouse party to premiere your new music video for tilting at windmills- what made you want to go the warehouse route instead of the sunset venue type shows?
JM: We’ve done it before and this is what we really wanted to do if we had the chance- throw our own shows, with bands that we really wanted to play with- so we did it- FINALLY!

JK: We wanted to giver ourselves A LOT of work basically.

LN: Who needs rest- you just recovered from SXSW, we’re getting ready for Coachella- who needs sleep!

FFA: Exactly

LN: So your sound has evolved from your last record- how have your musical influences changed for the new record?

JK: Well for starters we added a new lead guitarist (Jeremy Miner) which has been a big influence on the genre of music we play- it’s kind of taken a slight shift.

JM: And we named the EP Hermano in honor of the fact that a brother joined the band!

LN: Do we have a release date yet?

JM: Tonight- in an hour from now! It should be available on itunes tonight- or by the end of next week!

LN: What’s up next for you guys twenty-eleven summer style?

JM: Well, we’re aiming to play Sunset Junction- hoping! Aside from that we’re going to try and do another one of these types of things (FFA warehouse parties) and we’ll be killing summer again!

LN: If you were composing a text for based on tonight to go up tomorrow- what would it be?


LN: The benefits from tonight are going to help Japan tsunami and earthquake relief- have you guys ever been? Does Japan hold any special meaning?
JM: I grew up in Hawaii which is close to Japan- and it does have a lot of Japanese culture there and a lot of Japanese immigrants- and living in Hawaii the tsunami thing is really close to my heart. We didn’t have snow days we had tsunami days- so they’d call us up and say sorry guys you can’t go to school tomorrow because there’s a tsunami coming. So we’d all go to the cliffs to watch it roll in. Usually it was only about ye high (holds hands about three feet apart) so we never actually had a big one- but if we ever did, I’d want somebody to do something like this for us.

LN: Coachella’s next week- who are you guys amped to see?

JK: Beyond Arcade Fire I’m excited to see Foster The People, as as undercards go my biggest one is the Black Keys!

DS: Twin Shadow!

LN: We’re starting fest season with a bang faux-chella style- what other music fest are you looking forward to?

JM: Sunset Junction is our local festival- we can’t get enough of that, Bonnaroo is usually my favorite if I can make it out to Tennessee

LN: Closing remarks!

JM: Come to our show. Put this on the internet RIGHT NOW and get over here! Please bail us out if we get arrested- and fan us and like us on Facebook- we won’t bug you too much!

The four guys dispersed and I headed back into the Warehouse to get the night started right by Telegram and later, LA Font who definitely kicked the night off with a great vibe. After that FFA sprinted onto the stage and scene to unveil their latest music video- an epic pictorial of their new vibe, sound, and style. Pretty much all you need to know is that there are hoverboards, suits, and a song I’ve had embedded in my head for about 36 hours straight at this point.

The all night dance-tastic soiree wasn’t even close to over and the cardio dance session heightened heart rates with their unavoidably danceable tunes without having to put forth the slightest of efforts.

Bands evolve and change over time and it’s evident that the once quarter-life crisis kids are settling into their own musically, happy to just enjoy the ride rather than worry over the final destination. L.A., meet Fight From Above 2.0, can we kill summer yet?