On The SSMF Streets With Saint Motel!


Photo By Brian Bentley

Saint Motel is causing a LOT of buzz- spreading faster than an L.A. brushfire through the music scene.  Rumors have been circulating about this “secret show” nonstop, especially on the streets of Sunset Strip Music Festival!  To clear things up I talked with BNB.com’s friend A.J. Jackson (lead vocals, guitar) of Saint Motel to set the record straight!

BNB:  Hey guys!  We’re back on the record with A.J. from Saint Motel!

AJ:  Holler!

BNB:  How’d your performance go- it just ended a little while ago!

AJ:  It was fun- REALLY fun!


BNB:  Yeah you guys like to keep things fresh onstage!

AJ:  You know we just love summer festivals, outside- loud music, just having a good time.


BNB:  So fill me in- we’re on the record- rumors flying everywhere about this surprise secret show this Fall- what’s really going down?!

AJ:  Yeah you know we’re keeping it a surprise- what I can tell you is we’re gonna do something in TRUE Saint Motel fashion!

BNB:  So definite surprises to come is what your saying!



BNB:  Who are you stoked to see perform tonight!?  There’s so many great artists on the bill….

AJ:  I’m definitely excited to see Kid Cudi, Common, Slash, Neon Trees, Smashing Pumpkins- man- pretty much everybody!


BNB:  Who are you looking to collaborate with on your next CD- since Saint Motel is on the can’t-stop-won’t-stop giving fans new musical treats train?

AJ:  Maybe David Bowie


BNB:  Well I know you guys are off and running to the Viper Room for a little Star 98.7 action so we’ll keep this short & sweet- closing remarks?

AJ:  Ummm….love you, thank you, can’t wait to see you again soon, and let’s hangout!


Saint Motel is definitely keep L.A. on the edge of their seats concerning their upcoming yet-to-be-announced performance, but promising something in “true Saint Motel fashion” means it’ll be well worth the wait- and suspense surrounding the topic!


Since no one can seem to peg down details all I can suggest is you tune in (along with the rest of L.A.’s population) to “Morning Becomes Eclectic” on KCRW 89.9fm on September 10 when Saint Motel will be serenading us (and host Jason Bentley!) with a little in-studio set from 9:00am to noon.


We may not be able to divulge any details- but when Saint Motel is concerned you know it’ll be an all-you-can-eat binge fest of auditory and visual tricks and treats!  Dig In, and rock on!


Want to hear more about our friends Saint Motel?  Head to www.myspace.com/saintmotel to hear the latest & greatest.