Five Not-To-Miss Clubs in Seattle


Are you keen on visiting the quiet, friendly city of Seattle; a person with an overwhelming attraction to cloudy weather; or perhaps just a local who lives under a rock? Below is a brief rundown of some of the best venues around the city.

The Showbox currently exists in two locations, one in the Sodo district and the other ‘at the market’ (so named for its close proximity with Pike Place market). Both locations have shows regularly, featuring bands from across the world. Often local underground bands will be on the bill, yet the headliner has almost always made a name for themselves. The Showbox at the market was established in 1939 and has seen performances ranging from Duke Ellington to The Ramones and from Kanye West to Modest Mouse. The Showbox at Sodo was added to the ‘Showbox family’ in 2007 and has pulled in names such as MIA, Kid Rock and Dropkick Murphy.

  • Location(s): ‘The Market’ 1426 First ave, Seattle WA, 98101 – ‘Sodo’ 1770 First ave, Seattle WA, 98134
  • Ages: Both All Ages and 21+ shows
  • Price range: $12-$45


El Corazon was previously named The Graceland, and before that The Catwalk and before that something else (it gets confusing at that point). It is one of the more prominent heavy rock/punk clubs in Seattle, known for its rougher environment, searing atmosphere and cheap drinks. Similar to the Showbox, its bills often draw in some very well-known names; however it appears to feature more groups from the local underground. Internationally known Metal/Rock bands will be performing there this month, such as Otep (July 24) and Soilwork (July 27), however entire bills are also comprised of mostly unknown/local bands, such as The Greatest Hits (July 15).

  • Location(s): 109 Eastlake ave E., Seattle WA, 98109
  • Ages: Both All Ages and 21+ shows
  • Price range: $5-$25


The Vera Project is one of the few alcohol-dry venues in the city and promotes itself as a ‘by the youth for the youth’ place. The Vera Project’s site mentions that its mission is “…to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities.” The line-ups typically consist of light rock and pop and, though music shows are less frequent at the Vera Project than other Seattle venues, the venue draws bands from across the world. The Vera Project will be hosting a feature stage at the Capitol Hill Block Party this year.

  • Location(s): Warren ave N. & Republican St, Seattle WA, 98109
  • Ages: All Ages exclusively
  • Price range: $5-$20


Neumos is, before anything else, a drinking hole. It includes an upstairs patio/bar, with a large floor area underneath containing an additional bar. Neumos took over Moe’s Bar (get it– New Moe’s) and has since been renovated into one of the most lively music venues in the city, while still holding to its alcohol guzzling roots. The shows are primarily comprised of local bands, which is a little surprising considering the large size of the club. Neumos will appear as a feature venue in the upcoming Capitol Hill Block Party.

  • Location(s): 925 E. Pike St, Seattle WA, 98122
  • Ages: 21+ exclusively
  • Price range: $5-$28


The Crocodile has grown in fame since hosting most of the large Seattle names during the grunge era, such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The old incarnation of The Crocodile (named The Crocodile Café) collapsed into closure in late 2007; however after many renovations it re-opened in early 2009 with a fresh face. The atmosphere is comfortable and the drinks surprisingly cheap (especially considering its up-market location). The club still features primarily local or lesser-known acts in both 21+ and all ages shows.

  • Location(s): 2200 Second Ave, Seattle WA, 98121
  • Ages: both 21+ and all ages shows
  • Price range: $5-$15