Kristy Lee: A Lesson on How to Feel a Thought


There’s this saying by E.Y. Harburg who was an outstanding American lyricist. He said, “Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought”. Please, please, please, allow Kristy Lee to make you feel a thought.

Kristy Lee is stunning. Her voice literally makes your heart flutter and very rarely am I awe-struck to the point of standing front row during an entire set. Lee played at the Bowery Electric in NYC last night and both her charm and voice resonated through the audience. I would have to say Lee’s voice is reminiscent of Adele, but much more full-bodied and soulful. She graced the stage barefoot and uncluttered without the typical pretense of one with such a strong vocal girth and also who is adulated so by her fans. Her songs are more like conversations with the audience and the sentiments behind her lyrics are well thought-out and wonderfully applicable. She makes the performance personal because she speaks and sings in such a disarming way.

Kristy Lee “Hey Crazy” by BestNewBandscom

She began the set with a song called, “Grandma’s Hands” which automatically illustrated the range and depth of her pipes, and went on to sing a more playful and adequately prefaced song entitled, “Drink Your Wine”. This was followed by my favorite song, “Hey Crazy” which has a few well-placed F-bombs in the chorus line and is, as Kristy put, “for everyone who hasn’t just been hurt, but really F***ed over”.

She plays the guitar with skill, choosing to play the last half of her set with a lap-strap cradling the instrument on her knees. The lullaby she performed, “Baby of Mine” was a nice close to the performance, and the audience was singing along the powerful chorus, “let there be peace down in your soul, for the things of this world we can’t control, Baby dry your eyes, I will sing you a lullaby, Baby you’re mine”, before a rapid instrumental session displaying the somewhat overshadowed talent of the saxophonist and percussionist.

Kristy Lee has made my list.

Baby of Mine (Kayla’s Song) by BestNewBandscom

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