The Morning Benders: The Draw of the Quartet

I love The Beatles. Of course, I’m echoing a sentiment that is literally regurgitated by everyone and anyone. However, rather than chew on the already chewed beauty of a timeless sound, how do you take something ageless and make it new and different but still faithful? Meet The Morning Benders; a quartet reminiscent of another out-of-this world quartet with the same wide-eyed charm, but instead of a wide-eyed innocence they approach their sound with the wide-eyes of shock-and-awe. Their sound is smooth and holds the uncanny weight of a sound-track orchestra, but the songs themselves are filled with all the jaded jagged edges that make us scoff at the naïve sentiments crooned by 60’s rock.

Songs like “Excuses” have the boys humming lyrics like,  “And I made an excuse/ And you found another way to tell the truth/ I put no one else above us/ We’ll still be best friends when all turns to dust/Dum du-dum du-dum du-dum du-du-dum”. And then all of a sudden you break into a full-bodied section of triangle chimes, percussion and what sounds like a delicately played glockenspiel.

I saw The Morning Benders live at Webster Hall last night in New York City, and they were great. It’s difficult to not cast the band aside because of their mellow sound, but some of their remixes (like the mp3 accompanying this post) give just enough of a synth-alternative-hauntingly awesome sifi feel that makes The Morning Benders very, very relevant.

Twin Sister opened for the band which just goes to show how retro and psychedelic The Morning Benders can be without bordering too far on the slippery slope of selling out. Their set-list was mostly compromised of songs from their EP Big Echo which was released in March , and favorites like, “All Day Day Long,”“Promises,” and “Mason Jar” as well as a remix of, “Excuses” was premiered.

C-c-c-heck it out!

The Morning Bender Excuses(TheGoldenFilterRemix) by BestNewBandscom

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