Mixtape: Craft Spells, Todd Terje, Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks And More

New York – The wide sonic spectrum continues on this mix, with a lil somethin’ to suit any mood you may be in. In recent coverage, our Austin-based Ilyse caught up with Autry Fulbright (known for his work with …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead) to talk about his other project, MidnightMasses, on their first new record in five years, playing SX, and more. Coincidentally, La Femme had some shows with Midnight Masses, but I caught La Femme when they headlined their own show at Glasslands, and when the guitarist crowd surfed by standing up and surfing on a keyboard. That show was crazy and eclectic, but it was fun.

In other news: 

Xu Xu Fang is a new emerger from Mar Vista, CA, who you will likely start hearing more about soon, especially since they have already wooed Simon Raymonde from Cocteau Twins, who declared, “Fuck me sideways if this isn’t some of the best new music I’ve heard.”

We already featured Philly’s Creepoid on a mix after them being the standout on a Graveface Roadshow gig, but their brand new track, “Wet Bread,” off their Record Store Day 12,” is too languidly good not to include here.

Texas garage punk band OBN III, whose name comes from frontman Orville Bateman Neeley III’s initials, is releasing their new LP Third Time To Harm May 27 on Tic Tac Totally. Off that is the lead track and ripper of a tune, “No Time For Blues.”

The second single off of Ex-Cult’s forthcoming Midnight Passenger LP, due out April 29 on Goner Records is “Not a Threat,” another beast of a track from the noise punk band.

Our favorite new New Zealand psych pop band Popstrangers is back with a new record Fortuna, due out May 27 on Carpark. The first taste they’ve offered is “Country Kills,” a song that is easy to relate to.

Justin Vellesteros has brought Craft Spells back, and is readying second LP Nausea, out June 10. First single “Breaking the Angle Against the Tide” is showing a more mature to the band, and it suits them nicely.

Another good band out of Philly, Kite Party announced that their sophomore album Come On Wondering will be out May 6 on Animal Style Records, which by the sounds of “Halflife” will probably be a pretty solid indie rock record.

“I’m a slow burner, you are too” is the first line that pulls you into “Slowburn,” the new track from London-based moody blues four-piece Howling Bells, who also have a new album, Heartstrings, coming out June 2.

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks shared a new video for “Strange Colores,” a marriage of art perfection that puts sounds with images seamlessly to heighten the feeling. Enter the Slasher House is due out April 8 on Domino, and a US tour is getting underway

In the category of dancey synth pop from Nashville, Jensen Sportag’s “One Lane Lovers” is maybe the most 80’s sounding song that not actually 80’s. They just captured the completely synth-ed out beat with glitchy samples and wedding singer vocals about hooking up.

Norwegian-based DJ and producer Todd Terje has teamed up with Bryan Ferry for a beautifully slowed down dream synth cover of Robert Palmer’s “Johnny and Mary.” Ferry’s soft trembling vocal take is enough to pull some heartstrings, and Terje’s sparkling dream world synth textures turns all the sadness into beauty. 


Xu Xu Fang – Noir State Beach

Creepoid – “Wet Bread”

Midnight Masses – “Desperate Man”

OBN IIIs – “No Time For the Blues”

Ex-Cult – “Not A Threat”

Popstrangers – Country Kills:

Craft Spells -  “Breaking the Angle Against the Tide”

Kite Party – “Halflife”

Howling Bells – “Slowburn”

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – “Strange Colores”

Jensen Sportag – “One Lane Lovers”

La Femme – “Jaded Future”