5 New Songs We Like: Number 3

Chicago – One of the main goals of BestNewBands.com is to share new bands—and their music—with our readers. And one of our own pleasures is when our writers introduce new artists and new songs to their colleagues. In many cases, it takes just one song to grab someone’s attention…who is this and why didn’t I know about him/her/them before? “5 New Songs We Like” is a way of introducing our readers to just one song from an act that they may be either completely unfamiliar with or have only a vague recollection of hearing the name. OK, we know you’ve heard of Dum Dum Girls, but you get the point. Time to get started…

Mutual Benefit – “Golden Wake”

While Arcade Fire are off exploring the world of dub-reggae and carnival music, Mutual Benefit are holding down their roots on their debut album Loves Crushing Diamond. Album highlight, “Golden Wake,” sounds like a page out of the Funeral playbook: Soaring and elegant classical and folk instrumentation, accompanied by harmonious collective vocals. You might call this sound timeless or antiquated but you can’t deny it’s gorgeous.



Son Lux- “Lost It To Trying”

“Lost It To Trying,” a standout from avant-pop artist Son Lux’s new album Lanterns, is a hodgepodge ofominous post-rock overtones, monstrous snare drum rolls, hip-hop synth work and choral vocals. This might sound like a cacophony on paper, but on record it is a stunning musical journey. The record almost sounds like a companion piece to his compadre and collaborator Sufjan Stevens’ last album Age of Adz. Much like most of Adz, “Lost It To Trying” is a mental breakdown turned into electronic anthem.




Their/They’re/There – “New Blood”

Their/They’re/There is the collaboration between the ghost of emo’s past (Mike Kinsella) and the ghost of emo’s present (Evan Weiss). Though its guitarist Matthew Franks’ (of Loose Lips Sink Ships) shredding that steals the show on their single “New Blood” from the trio’s sophomore EP, Analog Weekend. Weiss’s vocals/lyrics may not be that much different from his sharp, melodic work in Into It Over It, but hey, if ain’t broke don’t fix it.




The Range – “Postie” 

Fresh-faced beat maker, The Range emerges fully formed on “Postie,” a highlight from his debut album Non Fiction. “Postie” revolves around reverb-drenched piano meanderings and gitchy dance beats. As the song progresses, ethereal vocal samples are added to the mix and the piano lines evolve from melancholic to anthemic. He may be new to the game but he is already displaying a veteran’s level of craftsmanship. 




Dum Dum Girls – “Lost Boys and Girls Club” 

Somewhere in between sleek and sleazy lies Dum Dum Girls’ latest single, “Lost Boys and Girls Club” from their forthcoming album, Too True. Lead vocalist and bandleader, Dee Dee Penny’s vocal performance that oozes with cool and confidence, while the guitars bombard you with fuzzed out riffs. It would be a great soundtrack for your next trip to your local seedy nightclub.




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