Dear Rocky Votolato…


Oh, Rocky Votolato, your beautiful voice and sweet songs have been missed. We wondered where you had gone. Your last album, The Brag And Cuss was quite somber, but we loved it all the same. Now we hear that you were feeling low and took a break from the world, quite literally. You did a lot of reading, and thinking, and searching. You have a new album, True Devotion that comes out on February 28, which you recorded almost entirely by yourself. It sounds more hopeful, happier, more centered.


You’re coming to Mississippi Studios in Portland on February 18 at 8:30 p.m. You’re playing with Michael Dean Damron, whom we don’t know much about. But we’re curious. We have 12 dollars, and we’re over 21. We’ll be there.

We missed you, Rocky. We’re glad you’re feeling better. We’re glad to have you back.


Your fans.

P.S. Please play “Portland Is Leaving.” It’s one of our favorites. Don’t worry; we’ll buy your new album, too, here.