Hundred Waters Live At Mississippi Studios

Hundred Waters Live

Portland - “Show me love. Show me love.” These words seemed suspended in air, plaintive and fragile like snowflakes, before wafting gently into the ears of the audience. The room was almost dead silent when Hundred Waters began their performance Sunday night at Portland’s Mississippi Studios. Each line from the band’s first song, “Show Me Love,”

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La Sera Charms Mississippi Studios


I had never seen La Sera live, but walking into Mississippi Studios last Thursday evening, this is what I did know: Katy Goodman—bassist of lo-fi dream-pop outfit Vivian Girls—was currently touring with her side project La Sera in support of her recent (and quite good) sophomore effort, Sees the Light. The show was part of

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Newgrass Concert Preview: Sarah Jarosz


OK, all you folkies in Portland- listen good. If you want a new bluegrass singer to love, look no further. Sarah Jarosz is “Gillian Welch‘s long-lost daughter,” according to Rolling Stone. Not sure yet? Download and listen to this- “Annabelle Lee,” a haunting bluegrass ballad that features Jarosz’s lovely voice and some serious fiddling.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at The Echo


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. packed the house at The Echo on Friday night, as Claire Gallagher‘s preview predicted (for the full article please click here). The band consists of Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott, joined by a drummer as well as live loops and samples. The trio came onstage in NASCAR jackets and hats,

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